Strong Bad Episode 1
July 01, 2009

Today I decided to pre-order Tales of Monkey Island for PC, so I get whatever bonus stuff I can get. I love Monkey Island, and after playing TellTale's Sam & Max Season 1, I felt confident that it would be good. When I finished my transaction, I was given a code to download one free episode of my choice.

I went with the first episode of the Strong Bad game with the convoluted title. I played it in an afternoon, and while it was short and not particularly brain taxing, it did make me laugh. A lot.

Making your own Teen Girl Squad episode is a hoot. Prank calling the other characters was also funny. I loved Strong Bad's wit and humourous observations about stuff. I loved his Homestar Runner impersonation.

Yeah, the puzzles were easy, but I was having too much fun to notice. If I had anything else to say about this game, I'd probably turn it into a review.

But that's it... there's not really enough game to review, and it's hard to talk more about it without spoiling stuff. And if you're a Strong Bad fan, you'll probably already know about this game and want to play it, if you haven't already. And if you're not a Strong Bad fan, you won't care.

I'll be looking at the other episodes at some point.

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EmP EmP - July 01, 2009 (07:24 AM)
I had to review every single Sam & Max episode on its own as an individual entry. All eleven of them! It was torture.

I think DoI did a pretty good job on covering the Strongbad stuff with that in mind. Even if he was alarmingly late on the last few.

I'm still trying to decide if I'll do the new Monkey Island ones or let someone else. I love the series but my memories of Sam & Max still keeps me up some nights.
aschultz aschultz - July 01, 2009 (12:24 PM)
Well, you overall seemed to enjoy the games. It sounds like point and clicks are particularly painful for reviewing a series, though, especially short ones--only so much can change! I can imagine it felt like a book report in Mrs Pringle's 3rd grade classroom.

FWIW, your efforts were appreciated. I enjoyed reading it. More games I want to buy but I'm too cheap--even though the games are a good price.
jerec jerec - July 01, 2009 (04:21 PM)
I've been slowly working my way through Season 1 on Wii. I completed Episode 5 yesterday. Gonna start on Episode 6, soon.

I think I'll need to upgrade my PC a bit to make Monkey Island run smoother. Strong Bad runs on my PC, only just.
Halon Halon - July 01, 2009 (08:36 PM)
I was planning on playing Sam & Max seasons 1 and 2 and Strong Bad episodes this summer but got a DS so that's been occupying me lately. Hopefully I'll get to them eventually.
overdrive overdrive - July 01, 2009 (08:54 PM)
STRONG BAD FUN FACT: If you look him up on Wiki, I'm cited in the article specifically about him because whoever did it fucking somehow noted that in my review of Tag Team Wrestling (NES), which is not one of my more noted reviews (although I think I used it for the one and only Brevity or Bust tourney I DIDN'T finish near or at the bottom of), I mentioned how Strong Bad's appearance and name were inspired by the villain tag team, which were masked guys named Strong Bads.
jerec jerec - July 01, 2009 (10:19 PM)
Well, you're a credible source by Wikipedia's standards.

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