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June 22, 2009

I might also post lists of stuff from the following comps:

Beat Em Up (November 2004)
Contra (September 2004)
Fanfiction comp (June 2006)
SNK (October 2004)
The Great War (3 rounds in October 2006)

Anything else I may have judged has been lost to time and the Purge Monster. But I think that's it. I'm a pretty damn prolific judge.

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Felix_Arabia Felix_Arabia - June 23, 2009 (02:17 PM)
Do you have info on the 2005 Shmup contest?
jerec jerec - June 23, 2009 (03:45 PM)
No, unfortunately. There were quite a few comps I didn't participate in over the years, and there was one comp that I started judging, but became violently ill and had to cancel, but I can't remember which one that was.
EmP EmP - June 24, 2009 (03:37 AM)
The one you fell ill on was the first Obscure tourney. I think Masters and maybe Janus judged the shooter one.

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