Dead Rising
January 28, 2008

I really need a bigger TV to play this properly. The text is way too small. But anyway, I'm getting by. I really like the setting of the game, and the way that almost anything is a weapon. I wish melee weapons didn't break so quickly, 'cause when you're in the middle of a zombie hoard, using a severed limb as a last resort attack isn't so effective.

I think I need to level up a bit more. My character's a level 8. I do like how you can restart the game with the same stats. I've done it a couple of times so far.

In other news, Metroid Prime and I are currently not on speaking terms after a giant plant boss caused me to have a game over, and silly me had forgotten to save... so I lost a fair chunk of progress. Fux.

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NeutronSX NeutronSX - January 28, 2008 (03:57 PM)
if your using a standard def tv your not going to be able to read any text the only way your gonna see is on a hd setting.I also recommend leveling up as much as possible before going to deep into the cases that is a hard ass game and very frustrating
bluberry bluberry - January 28, 2008 (06:38 PM)
yeah NeutronSX is right about the text, it's not the size of your TV so much as the fact that games can get away with smaller font sizes at higher resolutions and Capcom were too stupid to realize that fonts that small are unreadable at 640x480 or whatever the PAL resolution is.

did you use the umbrella yet? it's awesome.
jerec jerec - January 28, 2008 (10:18 PM)
Haven't found an umbrella yet, but I did use a broom and then it broke and I was left with a spear. Badass.
Felix_Arabia Felix_Arabia - January 29, 2008 (07:34 AM)
Wait until you find a shower head.

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