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September 06, 2006

Here's a meta-writing mind ripper. I'm going to start and article with a link that goes to another article that starts with a link. Go:

He (Burke, I assume) is talking about the absolute void of real game criticism, and he's right about that. There is a real lack of criticism of games in mainstream press. He (and I) isn't (aren't) just talking about the newspaper, or Entertainment weekly. Game magazines don't offer any real criticism. As Burke says: "In a game 'review', it pretty much amounts to a repetition of the press kit or prerelease hype and a few remarks on technical problems or issues, in a straightfoward consumerist mode (e.g., buy or no buy). More like a report on refrigerators than a cultural commentary."

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Creating a Canon
September 01, 2006

I'm currently reading this article,
concerning the games that created "quantum leaps" forward for the FPS genre. As I, a younger gamer, read it down and find it making references to some old games that were before my time, I find that I want to play these games. And this is how a classical canon of a media is created.

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August 20, 2006

I'm back ladies and gents. Turkey is a wonderful country but the keyboards there have done interesting thing to my typing. However, I hope to write a review of one of the following games, Shadow of the Colossus, Super Smash Bros Melee, or that Riff game I'm in love with. Any thoughts, world?

And also, did I miss any major developments in the gaming world? How is that Prey game?

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I'm temporarily disappeared
July 22, 2006

I'm in Turkey until the 17th. Promise to return with great insight, wit and the gumption to do another review.

Keep me posted?

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Can You Say Totally Vindicated?
July 18, 2006

So who remembers how much I hate God of War? Who remembers what I hated about it?

That the plot is stupid and overblown?

That its an epic and epics are way overdone and stupid? And overblown?


"But as a guy who has DESIGNED one of these damn epic things, I can tell you that I no longer have any interest in making these kinds of games."

"I don’t want to tell stories with my games anymore."
Who could be saying these things? Why its David Jaffe, designer of God of War! But don't take my word for it, go check it out.

He also included this really neat analogy which summarizes how I feel about God of War and alot of games of the type. Behold:

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Art Game Alert!
July 11, 2006

There are times when I wonder if games really deserve all that "games are art clamor. But I've been temporarily cured.

This game is what it is like to play a jazz solo. I don't mean it reminds of it or there is a loose connection, its a interactive graphical representation of a jazz solo, specifically in the style of John Coltrane.

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And lo, the old females will show you the way
July 06, 2006

^How Complexity Killed the Audience^

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