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Game hunt
April 14, 2007

I've been looking at the game Shadow of Collosus for a while and have been dying to get it. Seems every time I go to get it I end up buying another game though.=/ Well, I finally got it on Easter. Gotta say, I'm quite impressed. The landscape and creature graphics are amazing. There's not a single loading screen while traveling and you kinda forget that it's a game and not a real world your looking at. The controls for the horse that you get annoyed me at first because it's like it has a mind of it's own. The gameplay is unlike anything I had ever experenced before-hand. You start with a horse, sword, bow and you end with that. No lvling or content worry of being ambushed by creatures. Just you and the giants you have to defeat. I highly recommend this game to pretty much anyone.

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March 21, 2007

Life has been pretty depressing as of late. I've known for a while that we were gonna move but I don't like the look of whats going to happen. My parents have been looking at an area about 30 miles away to an area with nothing around. No trees, just little kids, and only a gas station with a diner. Real exciting, bleh. Ya, I know I only got a few more years ahead of me before I graduate and move out, but still. I'm not looking forward to leaving everything I've known for my whole life, my friends, school, and just as things started looking a little brighter.

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Expansion release
January 13, 2007

Expansion for WoW is coming out this Tuesday. I have to say, I'm pretty excited for it. It was time for some new areas to be added. The content looks good and from what I hear, other people who beta tested it agree. New areas, armor, weapons, races, and even flying mounts. However, blizzard messed up when they decided how powerful everything is going to be. Pretty much from lvl 1-60 your power goes up at a steady pace. With the expansion when you go from 60-70 your power just goes whoosh! In the game items are rated as following: green=uncommon, blue=rare, purple=epic, and orange=legendary. In the expansion, new green items are gonna be even more powerful than the purples! Weapons that would normally take alot of time and teamwork with guilds to get are gonna be replaced with better greens

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Well spent money ^_^
December 29, 2006

Finally found and got Okami the other day. I gotta say, I'm impressed. The graphics really do resemble and old eastern painting and you can interact with almost everything with the "brush" movements. Not only that, but instead of playing as the normal average human, you get to play as a god in the form of a wolf. After defeating the mighty Orochi I though, omg that was fun but too short. I was sad, plain as that. Then it ended up there was more and I couldn't be more thrilled. At the moment, my life involves Okami and Okami only. I would reconmend this game to pretty much anyone.
Note:lack of sleep + Okami= scary obessiveness


Sucky movie - Eragon
December 18, 2006

Saw the new Eragon movie last night, was nothing like the book. Alot of my friends were really hyped up for it, and it was just a big disappointment. I mean, ya, its ok for a family movie but not as a movie in general. The creators cut out half the story, and over half the characters. Like I was discussing with Bexran, we don't know HOW they're even planning on making a second movie with what they got. Not only did they cut out and change major events, but they cut out some of the main characters. These characters played a vital role in the second book and were highly anticipated. I understand that with alot of the book-movies they have to shorten it, but this was simply ridiculous.


Christmas Shopping
December 13, 2006

Well, finally did my Christmas shopping last night. Strangely, I enjoy Christmas shopping. Everything went well, plenty of sales and good stuff...I get home and one of the presents is broken.(not telling what it was cause they may read it>_>) I mean really, the one girl who packed the thing had to have noticed a huge part of it fall off while packing it! Kinda hard not to.=/ So now I have to make another trip somewhere this week. Though I guess that is a good thing, gives me a chance to get a present for this "secret santa" thing we're doing in class at school.*bleh* I don't even no anything about the person....hmmmmm, should just give him a big bag of candy.


Art Class
December 06, 2006

We're doin this project in class and the subject had to be of a person and the pic had to tell some kind of story. Well, I just got my new story "Reina" up on FanFiction(have link set up if ya want" and I decided to use her as a subject. Well...it didn't quite work out. Ended up looking like some really girlish looking guy...kinda like the one long white haired guy in Final Fantasy advent children. T_T


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