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Mortal Kombat shenanigans
April 19, 2011

Second short of the Mortal Kombat as done in a "realistic" setting. It's sad when basically fan made stuff is better then what big studios could do with it, though why they like killing of Johnny Cage so much is beyond me. It's become a running joke in the series already.


Cello battle?
January 20, 2011

I liked this one.

God damn hippies
June 20, 2010

Might be late with this...
June 09, 2010

So, this movie is destined to be a piece of trash, but still, like always, I find myself falling in the same trap of wanting to see it.

But what the hell is up with killing Johnny Cage instantly? My favorite character(after the obligatory Scorpion of course).


Some more Croatian music-
June 02, 2010



[read the full post...]

Really, people? REALLY?
May 29, 2010


Some croatian music
May 19, 2010

Since there are korean and the like videos that I'm pretty sure half of you don't understand I thought I would chip in somewhat with a few of my own.


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