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Mortal Kombat shenanigans
April 19, 2011

Second short of the Mortal Kombat as done in a "realistic" setting. It's sad when basically fan made stuff is better then what big studios could do with it, though why they like killing of Johnny Cage so much is beyond me. It's become a running joke in the series already.

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True True - April 20, 2011 (10:33 PM)

I seriously hope they turn this into something more than just a few previews. It's the complete opposite of what MK is but they are just...fucking brutal.
darketernal darketernal - April 21, 2011 (05:53 AM)
Yeah, I like it. If they went with the "realistic" style, they could have made the fighting scenes a bit more realistic as well, but overall a damn good job.
CoarseDragon CoarseDragon - April 21, 2011 (11:25 AM)
That looks awesome plus I just love 7-of-9 (Jeri Ryan).

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