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Sorry, but I haven't yet shared the information about myself that would typically display here. Check back later to see if that changes, or if I instead choose to remain an enigma.

2010 in music
August 05, 2010


Review: 3DO Doom.
July 09, 2010

Have you read my buddy Rob's
review for SNES Doom? Not only
does 3DO Doom have most of the
same problems, but it runs in a
windowed mode that takes up two
fucking inches of your television
screen. There's really nothing
more to say. At least the new
music is nice.

Final score: 1/10.

Why would this not be accepted, Jason?


dave chappelle is a genius
June 22, 2010


TT strategy
June 19, 2010

using only the axiom of completeness, i will prove that Doom 3 sucks.


math in review
February 03, 2010

functional analysis? c'mon son, get the fuck outta here with that shit.

combinatorial group theory? mmmmmm

i also wrote some reviews but i think if i ever try to do it again it'll just be a mess of symbols and i'd try to define a topology on samus aran's robo titties.


i am going to hell.
January 12, 2010

(4:52:39 AM) almighty Fatness: "topics in algebra and number theory" i wonder how that'll be.
(4:52:43 AM) almighty Fatness: probably shit, i hate number theory.
(4:53:31 AM) PickHut: What if it was number conspiracy theories?
(4:53:36 AM) almighty Fatness: haha
(4:53:40 AM) almighty Fatness: the x files
(4:53:41 AM) almighty Fatness: BAD JOKE
(4:53:44 AM) PickHut: hahaha

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random TT thoughts/observations
August 30, 2009

because I'm very bored.

-as always, third men make or break you. GUTS coasted us through a season in '05 and then cost us it when he didn't show for the finals, arkrex cost us '07, and now not being able to count on Espiga to even have a chance at Schultz in the finals forced an awkward lineup that put everything on one guy. also notice how much picking Vorty hurt WQ's squad. the best draft picks weren't the Zigs and the Woodhouses, they were the DOIs and the BELIs.

-Week 4 was hilarious in hindsight, even if Jerec is still a bitch. if he'd just abstained from voting on the Metal Slug match then our teams would have tied with one win each and the same amount of votes, which would have been awesome. oh well.

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