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Sorry, but I haven't yet shared the information about myself that would typically display here. Check back later to see if that changes, or if I instead choose to remain an enigma.

Diablo III release date! (not really)
March 12, 2011

Hereís something I found on my computer from early-mid 2009. Basically Ė after doing a good amount of research Ė a Diablo fan concluded that the release date for Diablo III is going to be 09/09/09. Obviously this person was way off considering it is 2011 and the game still doesnít have a release date. The following is the original post from 2009 that wrongly predicted the release date . I just found the amount of work that went it to be quite amusing. Itís one of a few reasons why I prefer not to worry about such matters and just wait for them to naturally unfold.


Please, don't judge this before you read it through and think about it! I finally, after several months of extensive research have found the true secret that Diablo carries. Please bare with me.

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My top 3 reviews from each round
August 11, 2009

1. Madworld by Suskie
2. Prototype by True
3. Mr. Nutz by Zigfried

1. Dragon Knight by Zigfried
2. Metroid Fusion by Bluberry
3. LittleBigPlanet by Suskie

1. PO'ed by Bluberry
2. Call of Juarez by Venter
3. Farenheight by Emp

1. Desert Crisis by RadicalDreamer
2. Bad Dudes by Wolfqueen
3. Eternal Darkness by Suskie

1. Mid-Garts by Zigfried
2. Gunvalkyrie by Bluberry
3. Dead Rising by Janus

1. Quake 3 by Emp
2. Stalin vs Martians by DoI
3. A.P.B by Woodhouse

1. Scythe by Bluberry
2. Space Invaders by Janus
3. Resident Evil 5 by True


Memories of GUTS: Drakengard
August 02, 2009

Zig did one so I'll do one, too.

Sometime in 2004 reviewer Falshead wrote a retarded review for Drakengard that basically said the game is mediocre because of all the neat extra stuff it offers that puts it ahead of other games in the genre. Then GUTS wrote his own response to the review and used his version in the Team Tourney. He was part of the infamous Chaos Legion with captain Zig and Overdrive and this review was his only win of the tourney. Dark Fact, Fix, and Schultz were the judges. I'm not sure who he was up against (think it was Skinny Puppy but not 100%) but DF and Fix voted for it and ASchultz voted against it. It has become a cult classic around here.

Here it is!

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So someone gave me a free DS...
April 17, 2009

Are there any games on this thing that someone who hates handhelds would enjoy? Or should I just give it away to someone else who would get more use out of it than me?

I've played New Super Mario Bros and that's about it. Feel free to recommend me anything else.


Here's the Zigfried post I promised!
January 03, 2009

Since he won yet another tourney I'd like to present my ten favorite Zigfried reviews! I probably missed some but here are my ten favorites in reverse order. Read them all if you haven't already!

10. Kimi ga Nozomu Eien Ė The only appearance of Hentai on this list! I usually prefer Zigís other reviews over his hentai ones but this one stands above the rest.

9. GUN Ė Brilliant approach and I donít know of a review that tackles a middle of the road game any better.

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Sportsman's 100 favorite games of all time
August 24, 2008

I posted this on the Turbo board yesterday so some of you have probably already seen this. I already want to swap some games around so it's not 100% accurate but good enough.

I'm mostly a PC gamer so this might seem a little biased in that direction.


100. World in Conflict
99. The Lost Vikings
98. Sunset Riders
97. No One Lives Forever
96. System Shock II
95. Team Fortress 2
94. World of Goo
93. Zelda II
92. Chrono Cross
91. Monkey Island 2
90. Halo 2
89. Warcraft II
88. Crysis
87. Alpha Centauri
86. Super Mario World 2
85. Crysis Warhead
84. Aladdin (Genesis)
83. Cadillacs & Dinosaurs
82. Ogre Battle 64
81. F-Zero X
80. Project Gotham Racing 4
79. Final Fantasy Tactics
78. Supreme Commander
77. Shining Force 2
76. Dragon Warrior IV
75. Freedom Force

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Half Life 2 level by level analysis, part 2
July 13, 2008

Now Iíll take care of Episode 1 and Episode 2. Keep in mind this is loaded with spoilers so donít read unless youíve played the games or donít mind having them spoiled.


Undue Alarm Ė Our Benefactors was an amazing level, and even though this is pretty much the same I didnít care for it at all. What amazed me most about the series is how each level offers something different. Developer commentary made me appreciate this one more but this is more of the same and just didnít impress me this time around. 5/10

Direct Intervention Ė Yes ANOTHER blue gravity gun level that also didnít impress me. Enough already! However I liked this one better than the last and seeing the pre-combine soldiers at the end was pretty cool. 6/10

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