I'm already regreting this.
February 11, 2007

I was given an Ipod this weekend. It's only a little 2gig nano, but I guess I should put stuff on it.

God, I'm going to regret this.

Hit me up with stuff and I'll listen to it. Keep my large negativity towards music these days in mind, or else!

So far I've only thrown on a few Feeder albums I had lying around near the computer. Boo, don't tell Veems that this post is here, otherwise I'll be forced to break your legs.

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Genj Genj - February 11, 2007 (09:25 AM)
You're going to regret this. Since this will be almost as long as my penis, I'll add genres so you can pick what sounds cool.

I guess I'll cover the "indie & alternative list" and leave frat boy slop to sportsman.

The Arcade Fire - Funeral (Indie / Orchestral Rock)
Asobi Seksu - Citrus (Dream Pop/Shoegazer)
Beirut - Gulag Orkestar (Eastern European Folk)
Belle & Sebastian - If You're Feeling Sinister (chamber pop)
Boris - Pink (Japanese drone & sludge)
Bjork - Homogenic (Bjork)
Built to Spill - Keep It Like a Secret (indie rock)
Clap Your Hands Say Yeah - s/t (indie 'vocals so high that it sounds like his balls haven't dropped' rock)
Cursive - The Ugly Organ (the emo cello)
The Decemberists - Picaresque (indie rock & sea shanties)
Deerhoof - Runner's Four (experimental rock)
Destroyer - Destroyer's Rubies (indie)
The Dismemberment Plan - Emergency & I (indie dance rock)
Guided by Voices - Bee Thousand (lo-fi)
The Hold Steady - Boys & Girls in America (indie bar rock)
Jeff Buckley - Grace (singer songwriter)
Joanna Newsom - Ys (folk)
Man Man - Six Demon Bag (I'll let you discover this one for yourself)
Menomena - Friend and Foe (experimental rock)
Modest Mouse - The Moon & Antarctica (indie rock)
My Bloody Valentine - Loveless (shoegazer)
Neutral Milk Hotel - In the Aeroplane Over the Sea (much beloved indie rock)
Patrick Wolf - Wind in the Wires (indie electronic folk)
Pavement - Slanted & Enchanted (way better than Crooked Rain)
The Shins - Chutes Too Narrow (indie pop rock)
Tapes 'n Tapes - The Loon (indie rock)
Sigur Ros - Agaetus Byjun (Icelandic post-rock)
Slint - Spiderland (math / post rock)
Sufjan Stevens - Illinois (singer songwriter)
Ted Leo & the Pharmacists - Hearts of Oak (indie rock)
TV on the Radio - Return to Cookie Mountain (hot shit)
The Unicorns - Who Will Cut Our Hair When We're Gone? (indie pop)

Oh and I suppose everyone needs a Red Hot Chili Peppers album. How about that one where all the songs are about making love and California?
bluberry bluberry - February 11, 2007 (12:37 PM)
Starkweather - Croatoan (metalcore)
NoMeansNo - One (punk)
NoMeansNo - Wrong (punk)
Ulver - Bergtatt (black metal)
Ulver - Blood Inside (electronic/prog)
Autechre - Chiastic Slide (electronic)
Boards of Canada - Music Has the Right to Children (electronic)
Enslaved - Ruun (black metal/prog)
Converge - Jane Doe (metalcore)
Isis - Oceanic (sludge metal or some dumb genre name like that)
My Bloody Valentine - Loveless (good high)
Cul de Sac - Crashes to Light, Minutes to Its Fall (post-rock)
Ved Buens Ende - Written in Waters (odd black-ish metal)
Arsis - A Celebration of Guilt (Slayer on acid)

More of an "I've been digging this lately" list but you should at least find a couple agreeable things across it.
pup pup - February 11, 2007 (09:22 PM)
Don't listen to Genj. His music is nothing but evil lies that pave the way to crying in the darkness while wearing your girlfriend's jeans. As for Blu's suggestions, Autechre is cool.

What do you normally listen to?
Genj Genj - February 11, 2007 (09:45 PM)

Why would anyone apply a few emo stereotypes to indie fans? No dude, we're just supposed to be jerks that bash anything with more than 100,000 fans.

EDIT - Except if you listen to mopey stuff like this.
Halon Halon - February 11, 2007 (11:18 PM)
A Chili Peppers album about making love and California? I guess that means all of them.

I'll make a list that puts the others to shame hopefully in the near future.
EmP EmP - February 15, 2007 (02:14 PM)
To be honest, what's left of my musical tastes are a lot more akin to Genj's than they are to Boo's. I'm not a metal fan; something to do with the flat bass, the nonsensical lyrics and the abuse of POWERING the same three cords, I think.

The only bands I've really followed since I gave on on music a few years back have been Porcupine Tree, Feeder and Hundred Reasons. Obligitory bands like the Foos and Subway have broken through my indifference, too.

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