November 18, 2006

Gears of War

.... has stolen my life.


On the rare occasion of my soberness, I feel I might be harsh on Genj through my dislike of Volta, so I'm giving him his shot at revenge. Here are the last eight or so music video I watched on Youtube:

Ash - Burb Baby Burn

Vandels - My Girlfriends Dead

Nirvana - You Know You're Right

Feeder - Insomnia

Alien Ant Farm - Attitude

Hundred Reasons - If I Could

Foo Fighters - Monkey Wrench

Manic Street Preachers - You Stole The Sun From my Heart

Mock away!

Zelda getting a 8.8

The TP forums restored my lack of fiath in Snerds. 8.8 is a good score for any game, especially a port from a machine with a pad (not a good pad, mind. it was the Gamecube) and for amangled and recycled concept like Zelda has long beomce. Red Steel getting a 5.5 helped my smile, too.

The Joys of a Broken Wrist

It's finally happened and my wrist is irrepairably damaged. Apparently, cutting off the hard cast so I could put my 'keeper gloves on and continue to play football was a bad idea. The downshot of this is that typing for long periods of time now hurts like hell and ROMing is no longer an option unless it's in short bursts with long breaks. Yay!

Brevity Tourney

Sign up. All the cool kids are doing it! Aside from Usurper, who we'll let in anyway. Remeber, every review that gets submited is a moment of not drinking Boo has to endure.


Boo send me a song which didn't suck arse but it was monotoniously dull and flat. They slip from the axis of God Awful bands and fall into the simply bad catagory. I need to find an awful third band to join Volta and Iced Earth in the axis. PoS hold a temp spot for being disgusting petentious and having the worst band name ever.

Gears of War

So good, it gets two mentions.

Most recent blog posts from Gary Hartley...

tristis_iranica tristis_iranica - November 18, 2006 (08:13 AM)
Do you have Xbox Live?
goldenvortex goldenvortex - November 18, 2006 (08:15 AM)
Hahaha. Iced Earth.
Genj Genj - November 18, 2006 (08:58 AM)
The Bad: Wii-specific elements feel tacked on; graphics and sound sometimes go from nostalgic to dated.

Gee, I wonder why. Yeah, I think it looks like the GC version (aka the version you can play without feeling like a dope) should do a little better.

And ah Christ, Alien Ant Farm? Go listen to some Dredg.
EmP EmP - November 18, 2006 (09:36 AM)
Usurper: No, not yet. I need to change my broadband providers first, then buy a huge ethereal cable.

Genj: I'm dissapointed! But I may very well try said band out. For kicks.
zigfried zigfried - November 18, 2006 (09:49 AM)
re not being able to play ROMs:
Does your PC have a USB port? If so, there's a program that lets you use a wired Xbox 360 controller. Most emulators accept it, too!

Halon Halon - November 18, 2006 (11:19 AM)
WTF is this?

And Unreal Tournament 2007 is going to kick the shit out of Gears of War. I'm not liking how they're slowing it down, though.
janus janus - November 19, 2006 (07:40 AM)
you should get wireless broadband. It's so much easier.
goldenvortex goldenvortex - November 22, 2006 (11:00 AM)
Dude. Alien Ant Farm? (I'm listening to Isolation Years by Opeth when I write this. Sorry dude.)
EmP EmP - November 22, 2006 (11:20 AM)
I liked and own the ANThology album, as it happens. The big single that came off it -- the cringe-worthy Smooth Criminal -- was and is a bad song, but behind that lurks some memorable tracks. Attitude in particular grew on me very quickly after Deathday and Sticks & Stones got me to part with cash to buy the album in the first place.

And the nicest thing I can still say about Opeth still is that one of their songs is boring and monotonious. Boo will no doubt force me to listen to more in time.
goldenvortex goldenvortex - November 23, 2006 (07:47 AM)
Well, at least it's not Iced Earth.


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