Gaming Progress - working around the dead PC
December 04, 2015

My PC died. Again. The first time it crapped out earlier in the year wasnít a big deal as it gave me an excuse to replay Longest Journey on the battered laptop, and then dust off the 360 and smash through Dreamfall again. It was all a plan to help me out with Dreamfall Chapters that was insisting that I remember small details from games Iíd beat a decade previous which I was cool with because I love those two games. Only now do I realise that with the PC dead, Iíll probably have to start Chapters from the start all over again. Crap.

Dreamfall Chapters: Book One - Reborn (PC) image

This time around, I poked at some of the Steam games my laptop could manage, like Richard & Alice which I could review but wonít as it was made by a small ginger gentleman from Leeds known as Lewis Denby. Some of you will remember Lewis as that guy who would regularly out-pretentious me four years or so ago and even though weíve fallen out of contact I donít think Iím in a position to write about his game. So Iíll just mention that I enjoyed it, even if it is rigidly linear, overly easy and relies entirely on a big twist that isnít that much of a twist. No Iíve read that back, I should stress that I really did enjoy my time with the game. I did! Honest!

The death of my PC put several projects in a shallow grave. I had a small run of 32X drafts on that I might have backed up or might be lost forever. Thatís a blow, and Iíve lost progress on a few little indie games I was plugging away at like Haven and Coma. I put some of this time into building up the siteís Steam page which, if you not looked at in a while you should check out. Itís a little bit different. At some point I knew I would have to, urgh, play a console again. So Iíve looked at a few games that I never got around to beating.

Quake 4 (Xbox 360) image

Quake 4 isnít one of them; Iíve beaten the hell out of Quake 4 but my planned Q review died with the PC. So I had to find something else and Quake 4 was on the shelf. It was an easy replay made annoying by the gameís awful save system which jumbles old and new saves alike together. It was nice to get hands on a railgun again, though. That one always made me smile. Review for that is now live Ė alpha score is 26/27. Thatís the number I tapped out with last year. I had a V planned but, tell me if youíve heard this one before, it crapped out with the PC.

I also finally finished Bioshock Infinite. Iíve had that game parked at Comstockís house for over two years now but the autosaves had screwed up because the 360 has been inactive for so long that itís reset all the dates on the system and the game continues from the most relevant date. To which, I replayed that entire stage where youíre fighting several stages of ghost mum convinced Iíd done all this before. Then I found there was a level select. But that was all jumbled as well! So I looked up a chapter guide. And it turns out I was even further ahead than that. I ran the end-game airship and Iíve finally put that one to bed.

BioShock Infinite (PC) image

But what to run next? Iíd got some ways into Alone on the Dark: The New Nightmare, but that was kind of awful. Darksiders was pretty good, but I couldnít find it. Found Darksiders 2, though. I had slogged my way through a large chunk of the last Medal of Honour game (On hard from the offset. I really, really used to care about achievements once upon a time!) but didnít want to FPS overdose after Infinite. Then I found Enslaved: Odyssey to the West sitting at the back of my shelf. Perfect.

I got most of the way through this game but, again, did it on hard and the terrible combat system made that a long running series of rage-quitting. I could have just started from where I left off and knocked the difficulty back down to normal, but screw that noise, Iíll just start again! Maybe do a chapter a day. I really like that first level.

Enslaved: Odyssey to the West (PC) image

I really like Enslaved, actually. Itís brilliantly realised and was one of the first games that didnít equate post-apocalyptic with seven slightly different shades of brown. The game looks awesome; nature has reclaimed the broken cities with green. Green! Everywhere! Itís also excellently cast and written. The two leads are so much more than just an odd couple thrown together for laughs and thereís a real sense of unpredictability to everything they undertake together.

Still, I stopped. Because that bloody combat. Itís so clumsy and ineffective and then itís paired with one of the worst cameras out there. I remember where I quit; it was a narrow strip of land wherein youíre attacked by two different groups of enemies from either side. I got repeatedly slaughtered and, in the end, wandered away. I think to play Silent Hill: Downpour. And that was the last game I had beaten on the console until last week. I hope Enslaved will be the next.

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wolfqueen001 wolfqueen001 - December 07, 2015 (03:51 AM)
How dead is your PC? I'm wondering if a shop couldn't save your data by plugging in an external hard drive and installing a separate OS (e.g. Linux) on a disk and backing everything up that way. Of course, this may be a very specific "fix" to the problem I had with my first laptop where a virus totally destroyed the registry files controlling the operating system.

You may have thought of this already, but still. Glad to see you've found other things to entertain yourself with, though.
EmP EmP - December 10, 2015 (09:54 AM)
I tried the Linux backdoor. It's a good plan; I've used it before. But it did not work. I'm all back up and running again now - which is good. Going to finish Enslaved, though.

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