LOOT Interactive Q&A response
July 21, 2015

Q: How do you intend to return all those hours Iíve pumped into Velocibox?
A: Well, we canít return the hours but we can offer you an amazing PS4 dynamic theme which is included in the bundle at launch. Trust me, it will ease your pain ;)

Q: I saw scrolling yellow column walls in my sleep for months. Why would you inflict this on a whole new platform?
A: It is so nice to hear that I am not the only one who has had Velocibox infect my psyche. At LOOT Interactive, we are always looking for games that present players with a real challenge. Needless to say, Velocibox definitely fits the bill. It is a unique game that translates extremely well to consoles. We are excited to share it with the PlayStation community.

Q: As well as Velocibox, youíll be bringing Whispering Willows and Back to Bed across to Sony platforms. Iíve played the first two, and thought they were pretty great. What made these titles stand out to you?
A: All three of these games are stand-outs within their genre. Whispering Willows has an amazing art style and provides players with a truly immersive experience. Back to Bed, has a whimsical surrealistic esthetic coupled with gravity defying levels, challenging puzzles and a Nightmare mode that rivals any other gameís hardcore mode.

Q: Whatís the compatibility goals for these titles? Cross platform and saves?
A: Velocibox will be available on PS4 and PS Vita with cross save. Back to Bed will be available on PS4, PS3, PS Vita with cross save and to PS Now. Whispering Willows is available now on PS4 and PS Vita!

Q: Theyíre three very different games. How do you come across an Indie title and decide thatís what youíre going to get behind?
A: We spend a lot of time and effort looking for great indie titles. We started off going to a lot of industry events and such searching for great indies. Now we are fortunate enough to have great indie developers with awesome games coming to us to port and publish their games.

Q: You started off within Sony, I believe, but even there you where a kind of Indie corner within the corporation. How did that all work out, and what prompted you to expand?
A: Sony is a great company. They were fully supportive when we originally brought the LOOT initiative to them and continued that support when we were ready to spread our wings and go independent.

Q: In this case, youíre working with two fully completed games and one (equally complete) hellish addiction -- how will you, if, it at all, approach games still under development?
A: Currently, we are focused on games that are or very near completion. This way we can do a complete evaluation of the title to determine next steps.

Q: Whatís next? Where do you go from here?
A: The future is very exciting for LOOT. We are about to announce our first title for PlayStation and XBOX One. Going forward, our releases will all be for PlayStation and XBOX. We already have a large slate of games planned for 2016, but are always looking for more great titles!

Q: I appreciate the effort to bring often overlooked Indie titles to a bigger platform and, hopefully, a new audience, In a vain effort to disguise how Iím struggling for follow up questions, Iíll charitably leave this blank space for you to fill how you wish:
A: Well, thank you for taking the time to speak with me. Indie developers are quickly becoming the backbone of the gaming industry. We are very excited and honored to be considered one of the leaders in the Great Indie Renaissance going on now. We hope you and your readers enjoy Whispering Willows, Velocibox and Back to Bed as much as we have enjoyed bringing it to you. Wait till you see whatís next for this yearÖitís some super electric stuff thatís gonna make you jump for joy!

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