One Sentence Reviews - The 32X Edition
July 04, 2015

::After Burner::

The best version of this game I have yet to play,.

::Corpse Killer::

Why the hell did Digital Pictures release this awful game three bloody times?

::Cosmic Carnage::

Updated a generic female sprite from the original Japanese release so that she was, instead, constantly on fire for exactly no reason.


The most expensive bad time you can have this side of buying a Nottingham Forest season ticket

::Primal Rage::

Primal Rage port no. 47

::Slam City with Scottie Pippin::

Because, what basketball videogames have been crying out for is FMV.

::Supreme Warrior::



In a city filled with giant mechs where nothing of notice happens at all.


Still (arguably) the best hummingbird based puzzle/shooter hybrid on the 32X.

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pickhut pickhut - July 06, 2015 (02:14 AM)
Darxide sounds familiar, but I don't ever recall seeing what it looks like. A quick glance on YT makes it seem like it really wants to be Galaxy Force. It also seems like every person that uploaded a video never bothered playing past the first stage. That, or every stage involves shooting rocks...
JoeTheDestroyer JoeTheDestroyer - July 06, 2015 (02:20 AM)
I still plan to play and review some of these.

EmP EmP - July 07, 2015 (11:38 AM)
Darxide was the last game to be made on the 32X and was released only in Europe, so has become a huge collectors item that people will pay stupid amounts of money for. It looks pretty great but, sadly, it's a bit rubbish. If I decide to target that one, I might video the playthrough. Or maybe not. Probably the second.

It's not all bad; that Afterburner port took me right by surprise.

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