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March 07, 2015

Finished off the last little bit of Supreme League of Patriots. Now to just wait and see if anything else comes of that.

Grey Goo -- what a timesink that became. Because it was a review code, I decided the best thing to do in this case would be to stick it on easy mode so I could get a good enough feel for the game and move through it quick enough to form an opinion. I consider myself a decent strat player because otherwise itís hard to justify all those hundreds of hours I've thrown at X-Com over the years. Goo still kicked my arse and then acted largely smug about it. I thought Iíd console myself by taking it to the multiplayer servers and got bitch-slapped there, too.

Grey Goo (PC) image

Being free of the above timesink instantly hurled me into my next that just so happened to start with the letter S. Because of course it does. Sunless Sea is kind of a navel roguelike where you slowly sail out into the unknown and try not to get driven mad by the Lovercraftian horrors that await you out there. I found a frost moth once. I chased it, got lost, then it came back and killed me after my crew had eaten each other so there was no one left to fight in, and the fuel had run out so I couldn't run away. Iím still coming back to that long after that particular perma-death destroy my Captainís legacy because itís constantly releasing new downloads to tack on more horrifics to the tale.

Before the above two took over my life, I decided to give I Am Alive a shot, mainly by the virtue of being a Ubisoft game that doesn't force you to use Uplay. I know itíis a lot more stable that it used to, but I donít plan to give people second chances once they try and illegally plant root files on my system as a prerequisite of playing their games. Itís apocalypse without the zombies which falls into parkouring the mostly empty world and learning that the real enemy is man in a much less ham-fisted manner than The Walking Dead TV series can muster. Its use of stamina is actually quite clever, ensuring that you hand hang from ledges forever and, if you try and exceed your limits, youíre penalised with exhaustion that further limits your exploration. I made it to the shopping mall before Jasonís unending e-mails finally made me stop, you know, playing games I chose to play. Iíll probably start anew once I come back to this as Iím only a couple of hours in

Alive (PlayStation) image

Iíve continued to pick away at War of the Human Tanks ALTeR which got its review pushed back because it deserved more time spent on it than I could give while Sunless Sea was a driving obsession. As I mentioned last month, it came at a time when I had decided to pick up the previous game again and I've since garnered a deeper affection for the series. Iíll be picking away at both games again in due time.

Coming back to games has become a bit of a trend. I've rediscovered awful time sapper, Velocibox, as Iím sure anyone who has spent time with the game will do at some point long after they've felt it was a done deal. ĎFraid not, fellow sufferers. Itís in your veins now. Why, you could have played it a few times over by the time you've read this far. Why not give it a little go now while itís on your mind. Go on; Iíll wait here.

Theyíll not be back for a while.

Velocibox (PC) image

Super Galaxy Squadron got a bit of play while I try and find time to add it to my review cycle and wonder if thereís anyone else actually out there on the freelance lists. I see you from time to time, skittering from topic to topic but Iím not convinced you actually write stuff. I remember other reviews being posted, but itís hazy in my mind. Maybe another couple of turns of Velocibox will clear my head andÖ. No, no - almost got me. Cunning stuff, old chum. What was I saying? SGS, right; itís kind of brilliant in a way -- it offers you a large choice of starting craft that all seem to have slightly differing mechanics that remind me other other staple shooting series. Iíd compare it to QP Shooting Dangerous, but none of you heathens have played that on either. Good grief.

Dicked around with Metal Head, T MEK & Cosmic Carnage trying to find the best breach for my second assault on the 32X project. Oneís a clumsy mech shooter game, oneís a weird tourney brawler and the otherís a cyber-tank death match game that I think I probably prefer of the three despite how bloody clumsy it is. Iíll settle on one soon -- one that doesn't start with sodding S -- youíll see!

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honestgamer honestgamer - March 07, 2015 (02:43 PM)
Is it just me, or does your Velociblox screenshot have an orange block with the letter 'S' on it, suggesting that you'll never escape that letter in much the way that you'll never truly escape Velociblox's grasp?
EmP EmP - March 07, 2015 (03:06 PM)
It's a five, but I certainly take your point.

It would be so easy to pen 27 review starting with S rather than go through the rigmarole of picking one of each letter.
overdrive overdrive - March 08, 2015 (08:09 AM)
I agree. I so totally agree.
JoeTheDestroyer JoeTheDestroyer - March 10, 2015 (11:15 PM)
I'm pretty sure I'm going to have to play this Velocibox some day.

And by "some day," I mean "when it's firmly slipped into completely obscure and almost forgotten" mode.
EmP EmP - March 11, 2015 (06:28 AM)
When has the dream combination of Ben/Gary/Mike ever produced disappointment? Sample addictive simplicity today!

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