April 27, 2011

Beyond Good & Evil HD

Really fly-through replay that I beat in two mammoth sitting. It's still brilliant


Had I reviewed the game back when I beat it years ago, Iíd have given it faint praise but ultimately labelled it a brilliant 10 hour game unfortunately stretched out into a trudging 30 hour chore. Iím really glad I didnít. Going back to NIER for the replays you need undertake to advance the plot gives you the chance to replay the game without the padding and just revel in the awesome world Cavia died crafting. I needed that big break in between flythrough because, while the replay changes a lot, it doesnít reinvent enough to justify back-to-back quests, but itís a fantastic revisit. I look forward to beating it this time around, letting it sit for a while as I beat other games, then tackling it again at a later date. As such, itís a game that really can claim to last you years.

Trapped Dead

It promised to be a heady mix of zombies and X-COM. ItísĀE yeah, itís not. Not even close. Itís a clumsy RTS with zombie apocalypse overtones. The undead hordes are zombie-ish, the supplies are scarce but the game it set as an RTS, and it feels rushed and unfinished. I shall put in more hours for now before I decide.

Alan Wake

Started brilliantly, then failed to capitalise and instead decided to be the exact same game all the way through to the end, which featured an end of game boss fight on the same level of disappointment as Gears of War 2. I wish it was better than how it turned out

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overdrive overdrive - April 27, 2011 (12:07 PM)
How much is Beyond Good and Evil? 800 or 1200 points? Or another number?

Not looking to buy anything new at the time, but after I've cleared a few projects away, that is a game that I've wanted to play for some time, so I can see me snatching it up eventually.
Suskie Suskie - April 27, 2011 (01:08 PM)
Had I reviewed the game back when I beat it years ago

Wait, what? Nier came out less than a year ago.
EmP EmP - April 27, 2011 (01:09 PM)
It feels like years.

I think 1200, OD.

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