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July 25, 2010

I've been playing SO4 on and off for a while now, and it's getting by on nothing but its battle system. The plot isn't as clever or unique as it thinks it is, the characters are almost uniquely annoying and the dungeon layouts are often infuriating.

Iím in one right now when, to progress, I had to light urns on fire in a certain order. That was okay: there was a knight statue in the corner who pointed his halberd at the urn I needed to light, I did this, and secret walls opened. Then it happened again. And again. AND AGAIN.

Eventually, I got on the third floor where a huge open plan room stood covered in urns and fifteen-foot poison monsters. Thereís too many urns for a single statue to point out, so I have to rely on the fact thereís four of them in the room. The problem s that a/ they donít all agree all the time and b/ an earlier puzzle tried to trick you by presenting two knights and making on of them a LIAR so you never fully trust any of them. This means several minutes of running around, trying to avoid fights, lining yourself up with pointed spears and swearing when swinging the camera angle around to try and see where itís pointing takes it behind a wall and gives you awesome view of some dank brickwork. Brilliant.

In other news, I recently planed to try and do a XBLI review a week, and have been doing pretty well on this for a while now. However, the rate I've been churning reviews out as of late has left me without anything I can currently write about. For the first time in years, I've extinguished potential game reviews now until I get more gametime on those I'm playing under my belt. It's an oddly refreshing feeling.

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EmP EmP - July 25, 2010 (01:46 PM)
To continue:

Purgatoreum might be the worst dungeon I've ever visited.

It's a dungeon full of creatures who'll randomly counter blindsides and balls over my bonus grid. That's annoying, but not as annoying as the urns.

I'm in a room now that's a serious of small walkways seperated bt water. Some urns are hidden by a wall, so messing up is easy. But there's no way to reset the lit urn order if should you mess up. I've left it running on pause while I rant for a bit because I know I have to go back and beat it as I've not seen a save point for a hour or so.

Because nothing is more fun than running back and forth over the same bland, dank room two dozen times.

If I ever have to light one more bloody urn...

So, yeah. Rant.
overdrive overdrive - July 25, 2010 (04:06 PM)
I'm kinda between games and dicking around with Summoner right now.

SO 4, along with Infinite Undiscovery, Red Faction:Guerrilla and a couple of others are at the top of my "potential next 'focus on' project" list.
Genj Genj - July 25, 2010 (06:37 PM)
I almost bought Star Ocean 4 for $20 not long ago, but decided there were likely better games I could buy for $20. From the sound of it, I think I may have been right.

Usually in those types of situations - where the dungeon just isn't fun to navigate on my own - I end up heavily relying on a FAQ or YouTube video to get through stupid dungeons.

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