The Spanis keyboard bows before my might
March 12, 2008

Observe, in fear if you will, as I type without fear of odd keystrokes!

Last days have been lazy as hell. Took on the 54 hole crazy golf course and finished it off in a morning. It was a good time killer, provided beer and I would play again. I'm somewhat annoyed that most of the stuff that I had planned to do this holiday doesnñt actually start until the day after I leave. This leaves the adrenaline junkie in my very sad. But the lazy guy in me pretty happy.

Thinking about hitting the sights, but the sights are so tourist happy, I may as well have stayed at home.

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wolfqueen001 wolfqueen001 - March 12, 2008 (05:39 PM) played through that in a single morning? How's that even possible?

...and what's with you and beer? >.> I'm guessing they didn't have any, though. I'm also guessing that that'd be the only reason you'd play again. That game's so dull I hardly blame you for it this time. x.x

Sucks you can't do anything you really wanted to do, though... but that's Murphy's Law for you, I suppose. It's also why you should've gone to the real Spain, not just some... place for tourists and old people. >.>
darketernal darketernal - March 13, 2008 (01:32 PM)
I am ashamed of you Emp. Like any normal person that goes to a vacation to an exotic place such as Ibiza, you have not said a thing of your drunken escapades, nor have you posted while piss drunk which is a proper thing to do.

It is bad enough that you spend said time at a computer, but you could at the very least entertain us with said events.

So get to drinking and telling attractive women(and not so attractive after a gallon or so) that you are a rich heir to something or other.
bluberry bluberry - March 13, 2008 (02:04 PM)
just use the classic, time-tested videogame reviewer line and you'll be pulling Spanish chicks like--

shit, I've got nothing. I need to learn more about their culture so I can make offensive jokes about it.
wolfqueen001 wolfqueen001 - March 13, 2008 (02:49 PM)
Don't encourage him, DE. -_-; It's really not healthy to be drinking that much, anyway. I don't care where you're from.

Personally, while it might be hilarious to see what EmP's like when he's drunk off his ass, I really, in the large scheme of things, don't want to see it. Besides, I think he has enough problems without having to worry about sclerosis of hte liver or alcohol poisoning, thanks.

A note to EmP: If I ever IM you when you're drunk, please tell me; I really probably won't want to talk to you if you are. >.>;

E: ... on second thought, if you're drunk all the time (I seriously hope not, though. -_-), then scratch that. Though I would hope that if you were totally flat-out completely wasted drunk, you wouldn't be on a computer at all. >.> And I can't imagine the hangover you'd get... that'd just sound awful.
EmP EmP - March 13, 2008 (04:11 PM)
It'd probably be easier to gives times of when I'm sober than when I'm drunk. Free bar, kids. FREE BAR!

Fox into the henhouse.
WilltheGreat WilltheGreat - March 13, 2008 (04:13 PM)
Seeing as you typed "Spanis" keyboard instead of (I presume) "Spanish" keyboard, I would conclude that it still has the better of you.
EmP EmP - March 14, 2008 (06:48 AM)
That was a plot to make it feel better.

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