Somewhere in Spain - Day 1
March 10, 2008

Observe the unneeded extra keys on my Spanish keyboard! ç¿ñªº

Flight didn't crash and burn, which is a plus, and I managed to get out of England just before half the country vanished underwater. Flew on Easyjet, which meant we had to have a frantic fistfight to get seats that weren´t situated on the wings. One of the cabin boys clearly fancied me.

First night here houses a violant storm with thunder and enough rain to flood the swimming pool. It also killed the TV reception. I complained.

Other than that, not done much. Took advantage of the free bar which offers a scant selection of one whole brand of lager and coke (and chocolate milk!) and eaten the free food which comes in a buffet-style free-for-all and, as we are English, consists of nothing but chips. Everywhere we go, there are ads designed to attract British custom and this seems to be based around who can deep fat fry the most foodstuffs into solid globs of batter.

Wandered around town for a while. Didn´t take long to find a McDonalds. Found this a little depressing. Was less depressed after Big Mac.

There´s a huge crazy golf thing here that has 54 holes in it, which, frankly, sacred the hell out of me. Was wandering past it at around opening time and enough old people to fill the Titanic walked in. The clacking of zimmer frames will haunt my dreams tonight.

I´m the youngest person on this island by a good thirty years, I swear to god.

Been a very lazy first day. The flight´s seats was built for people under 2 foot tall, so my manly frame did not have a comfy ride and it´s thrown my back out of place. Still, one day in Spain and no angry mob with pitchforks. A new record.

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Felix_Arabia Felix_Arabia - March 10, 2008 (03:38 PM)
See? You should have gone to Kosovo.
MartinG MartinG - March 10, 2008 (03:45 PM)
Yay! Now you're in Spain and I'm in the UK. We've successfully switched lives! I just wish you one day find the time to go to, you know, the real Spain, rather than the one crafted for British and German retired tourists.

If you're looking for the apostrophe, by the way (you keep using the accent), it's at the top right of the keyboard, right under the question mark :D
wolfqueen001 wolfqueen001 - March 10, 2008 (05:46 PM)
Really? I keep seeing him using this: ñ - which is one of my favorite letters in the Spanish alphabet along with rr. >.>

Anyway, damn you. I thought you were going to Spain proper, not another island vacation like Ibiza. >.> Where specifically are you now? >.> From your blog title, I'd guess you didn't know, but knoowing you, I'd also guess you were exaggerating.... about almost everything you said in this post. XD

It's good to know you got there safe and that you're not working, then... because for the love of God, you're supposed to be on vacation. >.>

>.> I hope you weren't on painkillers when drinking earlier. I'll trust you weren't, though. I mean, jeez, even you have more sense than that... I think... And you did restrain yourself over New Year's (unless you were lying to me, which I doubt0.

A 54 hole golf course? That is scary. Coupled with my belief that golf is one of the worst, most boring "sports" ever, that's a really frightening proposition there.

Ooh. I hope you tell us about every day you're there. =D
bluberry bluberry - March 10, 2008 (06:01 PM)
don't swear to god, swear to ME.
EmP EmP - March 12, 2008 (05:12 AM)
The Spanish keyboards mock me. With their oddness and hard to find keys. It's nice to finally know where ' is, though. I thought it was a spare comma.

I'll try and update as I can, but PC time is not cheap here, and there's a Time Crisis 3 cabinet nearby which begs more for my loose change. Next to a talking popcorn maker, oddly. This place is strange as hell.

Yeah, it's heavily catered for tourists, which is a bit of a shame, but I'll grumble about that when I have more time to do so.
sashanan sashanan - March 12, 2008 (10:42 AM)
For those rare moments when I choose to say something in Spanish in a chat - I'm eccentric that way and lack of knowledge of the language is never a barrier - I could really do with one of those inverted question mark keys. That's the one symbol I cannot easily reproduce with a double keypress (such as ~ followed by n to create the ñ).

I've tried turning the keyboard upside down prior to pressing the ? key but that does nothing.
wolfqueen001 wolfqueen001 - March 12, 2008 (10:47 AM)
Sash, does your keyboard do alt codes? I can tell you all of them for Spanish.

Alt 130 = é
Alt 160 = á
Alt 161 = í
Alt 162 = ó
Alt 163 = ú
Alt 164 = ñ
Alt 168 = ¿
Alt 173 = ¡

>.>; Yeah... I've needed these since my second year of Spanish way back in high school, so I just memorizzed them. I don't know the capital letter ones, though, save Ñ, which is Alt 165... Thing about that one is, though, I don't think it's linguistically sensible or plausible for that letter to begin a word in Spanish. >.>;

Anyay, that's really stupid that you have to pay for your comp time, EmP. Is that how it is everywhere vacationable in Europe or just the places you go? >.>
sashanan sashanan - March 13, 2008 (11:53 PM)
Yeah, it does do alt codes, but those are a pain to remember (even though I have many memorized that are used in Dutch as well, from the time before I had a computer/keyboard/Windows version/whatever does it that allows the use of two keys in succession to create most of those characters.
wolfqueen001 wolfqueen001 - March 14, 2008 (02:43 PM)
Ah. Yeah, alt codes can be a pain to memorize. They're the best I've got, though. I don't know any of those double keystroke tricks. Hell, I don't even think my computer can do them. Maybe it can, though - it is and XP after all - and I just don't know how.

Maybe there isn't one for "¿"... I honestly can't logic out what the double stroke for that would be, athough turning the keyboard upside down does present an amusing image. Wish I could help you more. =/

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