EmP breaks character, helps someone out.
January 19, 2008

[I recently got asked by a friend to help him out with his attempts to make it as a writer. The guy is super-talented so I agreed to post his question here on the off chance any of you would show any interest.]

As most of you probably don't know, I finished a novel about half a year ago. Most of you probably don't know this because it was too long to try posting on the boards - and also because the few people I've given it to (ahem) have each bogged down attempting to read it, and I've subsequently lost a bit of hope regarding it. ;_;

But! I submitted it to an Amazon contest, anyway, and made it into the semi-finals (along with ~800 other people), and now I need good reviews from Amazon users to make it to the next round. I suppose it's all too obvious where I'm going with this. If anyone here has an Amazon account, and might trip over to that site and plop a favorable review and/or star-rating into the system, I'd be very appreciative. The winner of the contest gets a book deal with Penguin. I really, titanically doubt that I have a chance, especially considering the nature of what my book is, and how many other entries I have to compete against, but I made it this far out of a selection pool of 5000+, so I can't give up quite yet.

The book, by the way, is a metaphysical western romance set in 19th-century Mexico and based around subverting genre cliches. -_-;; The first chapter and about a pinch of the second are up on Amazon for people to read and review. What feedback users leave will ultimately aid the people at Penguin in determining the contest's winner, but a star-rating without a review is still helpful. So, if anyone's willing, here's the link:


5-star ratings would, of course, be the most helpful, but if anyone winds up actually reading it and thinks it deserves less, I won't mind an honest ranking. However, if you think it's horrible, might I ask you not to put in a review of anything less than 3 stars, and, instead, leave your criticism in this topic? And to, also, if you do leave a review, not make much of an indication that you've been recruited? ^_^;;;

Thanks, in any event. If I win by some freak of luck, or even make it to the next round, I'll be sure to let everyone know. >_>

[If any of you help out, thanks.]

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wolfqueen001 wolfqueen001 - January 19, 2008 (04:58 PM)
Hm... Have you asked anyone on AIM about this? In which case, you're free to ask me, too. >.>; You know (or at least should know >.>) I'm always willing to help you, regardless of whether I actually can or not.

Anyway, hm... I might be able to read his novel if I'm not too busy. Used to write book reviews in journalism, anyway (even if it was high school level... and only for a year... >.>;). Though I don't have an Amazon account or anything.

And I'll be honest - not a real fan of the romance genre, but I'll give it a shot if I can and view it with an open mind. The book might surprise me (others belong to genres I tend not to favor have, so why not here?).
EmP EmP - January 19, 2008 (05:05 PM)
Nah. I'm happy to help out via a quick copy & paste, but AIM spamming is too much like work.
wolfqueen001 wolfqueen001 - January 19, 2008 (05:15 PM)
lol. Of course it is. >.>

Anyway, how long does he have for people to do this thing for him? I don't think I saw a specific deadline in that post... Also, does he have the full copy somewhere, too, or is he just wanting/only alowed to get a review from what's already posted there?

also, added a paragraph in my last post if it matters... like two seconds before you posted. Might not mean anything, but I thought it'd be fair to include that since it might determine how I look at his work.

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