EmP Hates on : Rap.
December 25, 2007

Xmas is about happiness and nothing makes me happy more than telling the world that all avenues of music everywhere suck. So, my gift to you -- Rap. It's shit and the retarded culture around it is even worse.

Look out for the cameo mid-video of HG's own Genj.

Merry Christmas and such.

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PAJ89 PAJ89 - December 25, 2007 (11:42 AM)
I'm not a fan of rap, but I really don't know much about it. They say the old-skool rap was pretty decent.
EmP EmP - December 25, 2007 (11:54 AM)
They would be right. There was a time when people realised that bling, bitches and bullets were not the core elements of rap and never will be.
MartinG MartinG - December 25, 2007 (01:32 PM)
Merry Christmas to you too!
wolfqueen001 wolfqueen001 - December 25, 2007 (01:36 PM)
XD I'll never get tired of that video. My brother and dad didn't like it too much, but whatever.

Can't spell "crap" without "rap", I say. >.>
lasthero lasthero - December 25, 2007 (02:05 PM)
Eh, I'm not a fan of rap, but I used to be. There's good rap and there's bad rap. Just like with any other type of music.
WilltheGreat WilltheGreat - December 25, 2007 (02:31 PM)
The difference is the Bad Rap is a lot more mainstream than the bad elements of, say, Punk Rock ever were.
Genj Genj - December 25, 2007 (02:44 PM)
EmP EmP - December 25, 2007 (02:52 PM)
I don't see all the fuss kicked up about my complaining. It's clearly post ironic.
lasthero lasthero - December 25, 2007 (02:56 PM)
The difference is the Bad Rap is a lot more mainstream than the bad elements of, say, Punk Rock ever were.

I don't even see that. Most of the emo rock I see on Mtv - when I can stomach to watch it - is what I would call crap.
Genj Genj - December 25, 2007 (03:05 PM)
I don't see all the fuss kicked up about my complaining. It's clearly post ironic.

It's because you bitch about so many things so often that you're either the world's most miserable person alive or you're making the world's longest, most unfunny joke ever (previous record holder: all of South Park).
lasthero lasthero - December 25, 2007 (03:11 PM)
<_< It's both.
EmP EmP - December 25, 2007 (03:23 PM)
I'll thank you not to bring your negativity into this topic, please. This is about laughing at your music of choice; how whiny you are about it is another subject all together.
Genj Genj - December 25, 2007 (04:16 PM)
When did making fun of you for being such a bitch become whining? Face it EmP. It's just not funny anymore. I've come to the point where I seldom trust your opinion on anything anymore.
bluberry bluberry - December 25, 2007 (04:44 PM)
I like how EmP is a jolly prick to everybody else and nobody else actually cares, certainly not enough to wet themselves over it. oh no, EmP called the screaming in black metal and hardcore intolerable, whatever shall I do with my life now?

and really? not trusting his opinions? because with your not-actually-ironic love of everything from Jay-Z to Harry Potter GBA games, you're the pot buying the kettle fried chicken and watermelon on that one
lasthero lasthero - December 25, 2007 (05:12 PM)
The pot-buying, fried chicken and watermelon thing...kind of in bad taste, there. Just a wee bit.

Come on, guys, it's Christmas. Back off a little bit.
bluberry bluberry - December 25, 2007 (05:48 PM)
either casual racism is born of affection or I REALLY need a new group of friends to be passively influenced by. but you know I love you, lasthero.

and uh, that's pot as in silverware. :P
wolfqueen001 wolfqueen001 - December 25, 2007 (08:18 PM)
...someone leave the door open in here? o.o; It just got really, really cold all of a sudden...
overdrive overdrive - December 25, 2007 (10:25 PM)
The only problem I really have with rap fans (as far as this site goes, at least) would be when a rap fan (aka: Genj) would happen to make negative comments on death metal.

Because to non-fans, DM is guys taking the concepts groups like Metallica, Megadeth and Slayer crafted in the 80s, playing it faster and screaming unintelligibly. And to non-fans, rap is some douche speaking to a beat about hos, drugs and shooting people (with said beat often ripped from a song by actual talented musicians).

The only real difference is that because of subject matter (bitches-n-money VS. sacrificing stuff, vikings, cold Norwegian nights and weird medical stuff you need a heavy-duty textbook to decipher....looking at you, Carcass and Aborted...) MTV fellated the rap game and made it mainstream culture to the point where skinny, acne-faced white boys think because they're driving around with some Nas blasting out their Chevette's stereo that they've gained "street cred" and magically became cool.

Oh, don't worry Blu. I know what you mean. I love to smoke pot and binge on fried chicken myself. Probably should cut down, though. It's starting to hurt my chest when I breathe.
daff daff - December 26, 2007 (12:24 AM)
You can make arguments about any genre of music being good or bad, but it comes down to individual taste. Even if you like rap, you have to admit it is the most racially damaging and negative style of music out there. I don't normally buy accusations about music, movies, video games influencing behavior, but tons of kids listening to rap really do buy into its ridiculous messages.

I'm sorry, but if I was a black man in this country with the talent to rap I would be trying to get rid of the negative stereotypes about my race and not propagate them. A lot of old school rap and some current underground rap is about fight racism and the perception of black people, but the people with the power and influence are doing the opposite.
bluberry bluberry - December 26, 2007 (02:01 AM)
haha, I love how everybody but EmP thought I meant weed and was not just making an old analogy unnecessarily offensive. I've typecast myself.

much as I hate to let myself get further away from the main point of annoying genj, part of me wants to agree with you daff but part of me just can't. the problem isn't that good rap/hiphop/whatever with something worth saying isn't being made, it's that it doesn't sell. suburban kids (+ genj) want to hear about how you sold crack on da streets to buy rims, bitch, and suburban kids (+ genj) buy a lot of Top 40 rap. it'll keep getting made, too, since those suburban kids (+ genj) make it profitable for black artists to sell their integrity and become one of the RIAA's very own Uncle Toms. bit of a cycle there. MIMS didn't top the charts because there was no alternative, he topped the charts because nobody wanted the alternative.

that, and he still hasn't actually told us why he's hot. the suspense is killing me.

it's fairly analogous (except in scale) to black metal and how Emperor knockoffs like Dimmu Borgir or generic br00tal bands tend to get more 'press' and 'fame' than interesting and novel acts like Blut Aus Nord or Dodheimsgard. most people don't want aesthetics to change, but I'd say rap's set aesthetic is a lot worse for African-Americans than black metal's is for pimply Norwegians.

if this post is incoherent, I blame weed.
overdrive overdrive - December 26, 2007 (09:30 AM)
Now, Blu, I'd think you could tell that I was being a bit over-the-top sarcastic with my "pot = weed" post. Unless I was too stoned when I typed it for any of my trademark wit to come through.

Which could have been the case.
Genj Genj - December 26, 2007 (11:39 AM)
I like how EmP is a jolly prick to everybody else and nobody else actually cares, certainly not enough to wet themselves over it. oh no, EmP called the screaming in black metal and hardcore intolerable, whatever shall I do with my life now?

You called EmP retarded for poking fun of Autechure so you probably shouldn't use that argument considering I'm just making fun of EmP in hopes he'll quit his "ironic hate" of everything. Unless you want to admit poking fun of EmP is now wetting yourself.

Yeah, I know boo is just trying to annoy me. Haha I like Coldplay you know. Couldn't care less if anyone doesn't trust my opinion. I thought staff may be a little more interested in that though. For example, I found it hard to believe EmP's Phantom Hourglass review due to his exaggerated, "ironic" dislike of Nintendo.

Whatever, you guys can continue talking about how rap is hurting black people and how much you love metal.
bluberry bluberry - December 26, 2007 (12:34 PM)
friends totally do not call each other retarded for funsies, ever. I know I'm just a shining beacon of politeness when I'm talking to mine. and EmP's hates are neither ironic nor intentionally exagerated, as I'm sure he'll tell you. he likes at least four bands, and X-COM.

besides, anyone who doesn't like Autechre is retarded.
Genj Genj - December 26, 2007 (01:31 PM)
Made up all caps quotes of EmP are 100% serious now? Incidentally not all people act the same with their friends, dude. A friend of mine got drunk before one our finals and I joking called her an alcoholic. She didn't take that one so well. This is a pretty dumb argument so we should probably stop here.
bluberry bluberry - December 26, 2007 (01:35 PM)
haha, it's awesome that "he likes four bands, and X-COM" didn't immediately strike you as a joke. that's EmP for you. and oddly, I get away with calling my friends alcoholics whenever I go for it.
EmP EmP - December 26, 2007 (03:21 PM)
And now the explaining of what I shouldn't need to explain begins:

All this quoting of 'ironic' would be completely unneeded had anyone bothered watching the video posted on the first post, for they would have seen I was paraphrasing the quote within. Do I play on the fact that I'm being billed as Mr. Miserable? Yes. Does this mean that my dislike for rap is exaggerated for effect? No.

Genj, my good chum: I would desist raping the corpse of the once genuinely-funny 'shrimp' gag before I lectured others on the downfalls of beating a dead joke into the ground.

Boo: Four bands? That many?
Genj Genj - December 26, 2007 (05:01 PM)
I can't remember the last time I called you a shrimp. The last thing I remember calling you was a terrorist (for hating America).
bluberry bluberry - December 26, 2007 (08:30 PM)
give him credit EmP, that's a fresh one.
LegacyGaming LegacyGaming - December 27, 2007 (07:45 AM)
Wow, lotta feeling int his topic..thought I would throw in my blinged out two pennies.
I agree with the good and bad music from every genre. Rap nowadays really does not have any soul left, it is just remixes of good songs with guy, or girls, using the choruses of the good songs in between their wining or slang-filled cussing at others rapper and/or rappers. The context of the rap songs themselves used to be viable in the sense of good and decent heart-felt lyrics with a message of calibur, until the words "shot da po-po's" rang out on the air waves. Then it was all downhill, the only thing that even remotely compares nowadays in to the good messaged rap, is, inevitably, Christian rap.
I would proudly write a letter to my local "homie gangsta" asking them to "chill out" and rap with heart, if I did not feel that I would be "beat down" with blunt-handled "gats".
Where is Will Smith when you need him? He had some great music back in his "hey" day, he does count as rap right? Or is he more hip-hop scenario?
bluberry bluberry - December 27, 2007 (05:23 PM)
shotgunnova shotgunnova - December 28, 2007 (10:15 AM)
More like rapping paper rite?
espnking2002 espnking2002 - December 31, 2007 (03:02 PM)
There's plenty of good hip hop being made, you just have to look for it. Just some examples of good hip hop in 2007:

Wu- Tang Clan- 8 Diagrams
Lupe Fiasco- The Cool
Atmosphere- Sad Clown Bad Summer
Little Brother- Getback
Common- Finding Forever
Talib Kweli- Eardrum
Yesterday's New Quintet- Yesterday's Universe
Brother Ali- The Undisputed Truth
UGK- Underground Kingz
Killah Priest- The Offering
Ghostface Killah- Big Doe Rehab
CunninLynguists- Dirty Acres
espnking2002 espnking2002 - January 01, 2008 (05:12 PM)
Actually, in second thought, you don't have to look for any of those titles. They're all pretty mainstream releases and anybody that does a google search could find them. So that proves pretty much everyone heres arguments wrong... mainstream is still releasing great albums. Sure, most of those songs won't be played on anything other than on the low dial of your local, college radio, but they're all still made by mainstream artists who still sell records.

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