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December 10, 2007

Today, while Xmas shopping (which I hate almost as much as the season itself) I, of course, wandered into a games shop and spend money on video games I will probably never play. This week I got:

Guilty Gear XX #Reloaded (XBox)

GGXX is awesome, but I already own the PS2 version and have done now for many years. As much as I love the game, I've not touched it in ages. Really, all GGXX# has over the version I already have is Robo-Ky and an online play feature long made redundant by the passing of time. Still, it was £3 and I regret nothing.

Broken Sword 3 (XBOX)

I've played and beaten this one before, but not owning the third Broken Sword felt incorrect somehow so I cabed when i saw it super cheap. There's a pretty good chgance I'll replay this one as I constantly replay the first two when I'm out of games to try.


Never seen the show, but it's made by Telltale who made the new Sam & Max games, so I can expect a solid puzzle game if nothing else. It also never hurts to have another C game sitting around for the Alphas.

But buying these amde me look at all the other games I've bought and will probably never play. Here is a quick run down of the more recent ones:


2001 shooter made by Core before Eidos decided to shoot them in their sleep and give their best games to Crystal Dynamics to rape. Because CD is a great company with a huge backlog of great games like, um, Gex? Looks brown -- a sign of things to come for SONY?

Close Combat: First to Fight

Sluggish, awkward FPS that tries to be as realistic as, say, GRAW but is a generation behind.

The Seed: Warzone (PS2)

Sci-fi consoles RTS. I played just past the intro once as was assualted with a scary amount of stats so turned off.Looks okay, but seems super complex. Maybe someday.

Syberia II (XBOX)

PLay as a sassy female New York lawyer as she searches for wooly mammoths in Syberia. Not yet tried this one, but I'm hoping for something DReamfall-esque. Looking to nab the first.

Haven: Call of the King (PS2)

Not so much as opened the game box for this one.

Xenosaga II

I doubt I'll ever bother with the only XS released in PAL. Just owning it is enough.

Alter Echo (PS2)

This one is actually pretty good. It's a cartoonish thrid-person shooter that allows you to change your form on the fly. I'd like to think it's one I'll go back to and grind a review from someday but, for now, it gathers dust.

Resident Evil (GC)

Only Gamecube game I own. Cost me £1. Which is roughly $36.


Noteable only for being cheaper than REmake. 50p!

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Felix_Arabia Felix_Arabia - December 10, 2007 (11:08 AM)
As of today, according to Yahoo Finance, 1 British Pound is equal to about $2.05, not $36.
sashanan sashanan - December 10, 2007 (11:14 AM)
I've never gotten around to picking up Broken Sword 3 at all even though I loved the first two. I need to do something about that.
joseph_valencia joseph_valencia - December 10, 2007 (11:37 AM)
I think I'm going to fly to Britain and pick up some loose change off the street.
wolfqueen001 wolfqueen001 - December 10, 2007 (12:53 PM)
Spaceworld'll be stuck there because e won't find enough money to fly back... lol

Dammit, EmP - why do you get your games so bloody cheap? That's not fair... ...or maybe it is. We geta wider selection. >.>;

I bet if I were to look in the store for any of those games, they'd cost me $10 at least...

Oh, well. Guess it's good you do, since you said you probably wouldn't play them anyway. Or at least not for a while. >.>

For the record, I've heard of almost none of those - or the ones I have heard of never looked into... Probably should.
Genj Genj - December 10, 2007 (01:16 PM)
What did you get me for Xmas? If the answer is kippers, I'm mailing you a package of floss.
wolfqueen001 wolfqueen001 - December 10, 2007 (02:19 PM)
XD Nevermind the British stereotyping, Genj - mail him a fruitcake. That's the all-time favorite American "Meh, here" gift. >.>:
MartinG MartinG - December 10, 2007 (02:20 PM)
For the price of a cup of coffee in the UK you could probably buy a PS3 in the US.

If you're in Europe and paying in Euros, maybe only a Wii.
PAJ89 PAJ89 - December 11, 2007 (09:03 AM)
Love the early Broken Sword games. Not such a fan of the third though.
EmP EmP - December 11, 2007 (01:52 PM)
I went in to BS3 thinking it would be complete crap and although I was far from impressed with the new control sceme and felt the difficulty had been scakled back, the writing was as sharp as ever. So I enjoyed it a lot.

Ending was very clumsy, though.
disco1960 disco1960 - December 12, 2007 (01:05 AM)
I'm still working on the first one, but so far it looks like both Zoe and Kate have sad robot friends.
lordandrew lordandrew - December 15, 2007 (09:29 AM)
Wait. Are you saying that after releasing Xenosaga II, they didn't bother publishing Xenosaga III? That doesn't make any sense.
EmP EmP - December 15, 2007 (03:20 PM)
Worse. They didn't even release XS1. Then they released XS2. But not XS3.
bodo_parkour bodo_parkour - December 16, 2007 (10:48 AM)
I didn't know you lived in the UK, EmP O_o !
EmP EmP - December 16, 2007 (02:47 PM)
Well, I do! South-East England, to be more exact.
wolfqueen001 wolfqueen001 - December 16, 2007 (05:48 PM)
LoL... bodo didn't know. *snickers* It's sooo obvious, though...

Heh. >.> Why couldn't I get that much info about your location in all the years (wow - can't believe it's that long now...) I've known you? >.> Afraid I'll tell VM and me and her'll stalk you or something? =P
darketernal darketernal - December 21, 2007 (08:49 AM)
BS3 had a dodgy ending? It was a piece of art when compared to the "ending" of Broken Sword IV.
EmP EmP - December 21, 2007 (10:45 AM)
BS3 had an awful ending! Plot and control-wise. But mostly control.

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