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More Overwatch co-op can and will be good.
April 17, 2017

At the time of writing this, Overwatch has had two co-operative (PvE) events: The Halloween event which was shallow but a decent diversion, and the Uprising event which reuses a current map but with multiple objectives and constant robot assault (point control, defense, payload and deathmatch). The Halloween event left some murmuring for a better PvE mode, but Uprising has elicited a proper hunger in many, especially since the event is overall quite solid (save for my instances of character models and HUD elements not loading in sometimes). Nevermind that this is a relatively non-stressful way of trying out heroes for multiple situations in one map and getting some more crates, but it’s gone to show that not only would regular PvE events/modes be welcome, but it’s also thematically needed.

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Some thoughts on: Breath of the Wild
April 11, 2017

I’ve had the thought for a while that many gamers, reviewers and journalists these days are frequently cynical, dismissal and seldom share any real surprise or joy in the gaming field unless they’re paid to specifically have such feelings - Barring that, they only have temporary joy in one product before the magic wears off and they’re back to being crabby. I’ll be the first and last to admit that I’m a beacon of constant negativity, but Breath of the Wild (BotW) has delivered something that I feel many gamers are in dire need of that the Legend of Zelda games have succeeded in delivering time and time again - An honest to goodness adventure. Not a campaign found in a shooter or an indie game that’s over in three hours and tries to hamfist a moral lesson down your throat, but a grand adven

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Why I won't be finishing... The Witness
February 24, 2017

The Witness is a smart and interesting kind of game that also demands your problem solving and puzzle skills to levels that I wasn’t initially expecting. It also makes me feel like an absolute stupid idiot from the number times I run into brick walls, have to use brute force to find solutions and generally leaves me stumped and meandering from puzzle to puzzle with little to no progress. I wouldn’t say that the game is too smart for me, but… I guess what I’m saying is that the game is far too smart for me.

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My Gaming Fear Engine
February 02, 2017

I’ve never been one to actively pursue playing, experiencing or consuming horror games or other such spooky media. Those with lazy arguments would atypically refer to me as a wimp, coward, or in my favorite instances, label me a ‘pussy’ since somehow not wishing to experience fear on my own accord makes me a lesser man. The difference between cowardice and not wanting to subject oneself to a certain type of feeling is so great that my hands would ache if I tried to type out the very list of differences. While I have subjected myself to frightening scenes, tense situations and horrifying sights in games previously in my life, never did I enjoy the sensation of having my heart rate increase, my hairs stand on end or have natural chemicals be released into my bloodstream should I panic and th

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My Game of the Year list for 2016!
December 18, 2016

Despite still being respectable entries that rightfully earned their salt in the lists of others, I simply have gotten more time or entertainment out of other games this year. Still, here are a few games that just missed making the cut.

Honorable Mentions - ‘Puzzles that confound, fun that remains bound and shadow zombies aboard trains; zounds!’

The Witness

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I want Bloodborne on PC, even if I'll never finish it.
November 07, 2016

As much as I complain about Bloodborne not having a PC port, I always fail to remember that even if it did, I likely would give up about 6-7 hours in after getting my head handed to me for the umpteenth time. I want to go through the Lovecraftian gothic horror and be a badass hunter, but would going through all that hardship just to walk into a picturesque valley, take in the sight and get ganked by an invader be worth it?
No, not really.

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Virtual reality is here and the future is now... I think.
May 14, 2016

Virtual reality has been the source of jokes, parody and big dreamers for a long time in comedy, science fiction and science fantasy; being able to strap on a headset and be whisked away to other worlds within the comfort of your own home. Now that the technology has been released to the public market and so long as you have a lot of space around your computer desk to avoid strangling yourself with the cables and have a computer powerful enough to run Crysis five times over, you too can experience THE FUTURE - Oh, and be able to shell out six hundred or so dollars. Can’t forget the price tag in experiencing THE FUTURE.

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