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You know the ONE thing that sucks about the 4th of July...
July 05, 2009

is the day after.

I feel like shit. And I didn't even drink anything. I just stayed out till 2:00 in the morning at a friend's house because it coincidentally happened to be his birthday and blew things up for six hours.

Which was awesome except that it was raining almost all day and damp when it wasn't. And it was cold enough to wear autumn clothing. Seriously that's not cool - wearing pants in July. Honestly. Fortunately the weather didn't really affect any of the explosions, but it did affect my joints which hurt all day/night. And now I feel like I'm going to catch a cold or something and that's not much fun at all. But oh, well; it was fun anyway and considering it's like the only time of year I see those people, I'd do it again.


Back home... finally
June 14, 2009

I should note that the exasperated "finally" deals more with the 18 hour trip back than wanting to leave Mallorca itself. That place was cool; I'm going to miss it.

On that note, the trip back sucked. I'm tired as hell and EmP's a liar.

The airport was NOT open that night, thank you. Instead they only kept Terminal 1 open where any late arrivals could go and sleep on these sort of reclining chairs, or the rows of regular chairs, which which were probably more comfortable because you could actually lay down however you wanted. Nothing was open, not even food places. The only thing to eat was crap purchased at a row of vending machines. I'm just glad my host mom had given me stuff to eat before leaving.

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Last Day
June 12, 2009

Well, today's the last day here, in Spain before I make the agonizing 18hour journey home. I'll say that I've had a great time here, and probably learned more Spanish here than all my years of schooling combined, but that's cool.

Since last I posted, I.... wow. Having that memory issue again... maybe it's from the sun. lol

I know I did a lot of school related stuff. I know I also had been winding down my adventuring these past couple of weeks, so maybe I didn't do a whole lot. I know I went to the beach a few more times, including today. I also know I haven't seen very many tourists since Formentor, which was odd. It's like they all vanished. Or maybe it's just because I haven't gone to as many exotic places. There were some tourists at the place we went to today, though.

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Mallorca: Week 2 (3...?)
June 01, 2009

Like I said; I'm losing track of time.

Anyway, the only really awesome things that are worth noting from the past... whenever it was since I posted about this trip are these:

I went to a castle on the Friday I got sick. It was awesome. Apparently it's supposed to be the only "round" castle in the world, or at least in Spain. Don't remember which. And it was used to house prisoners. There were a lot of stairs and I managed to twist my ankle on the way up because I'm awesome, but it was fun. There were people on horses - I assume they were security or police or just general authority figures. I took some pics of them.

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So.... did I get ripped off or...?
May 27, 2009

...does the Dollar : Euro ratio fluctuate drastically from week to week, perhaps because of the stupid worldwide economic situation?

Because I swear, when I exchanged currencies in London two weeks ago, I got 93 Euros for $155, which was an exchange rate of about 1.65%, and a commission of 3%, which amounted to about 3 Euros which they deducted automatically and which I didn't count in my total.

But here I cashed some travelers checks, $150 and received 103 Euros, minus the commission (4 Euros), and an exchange rate of 1.4 dollars to the Euro.

So did I get ripped off in London or is that really how the currency fluctuations are going from week to week?

I suppose it's not THAT much of a difference, but in a way it is, because this trip has broken me.

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5 Days in Mallorca
May 21, 2009

Or maybe itīs six. I seriously have no concept of what the date is anymore since coming here, though somehow I manage to know what day and time it is...

Anyway, on Sunday I went to a different part of the island. I think the town was called Alcudia or something. Itīs a really old Roman city with old stone walls and old everything, but itīs really pretty. There was a sort of "museum" there where we could tour this park and garden. There were many statues from a sculptor who had lived in the area, I believe. I really canīt remember everything. There was also a garden which was nice. And it grew opium: haha.

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Good news and bad news
May 17, 2009

First the good news because otherwise the bad news wonīt make sense.

The good news is that I made it to Mallorca without dying or getting lost, surprisingly. Most of the trip was spent sleeping and eating and walking and waiting.

There was a lot of walking in London just because I had nothing better to do at the airport than to wander around aimlessly and look at various shops. Which is fine becaue the plane ride was agonizing. 8 hours is not a fun way to spend sitting all the time. It also made me really tired, so I spent between half an hour to an hour and a half napping periodically, both on the plane and at the airport.

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