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Note to self
May 25, 2010

I need to stop submitting reviews before I'm completely done editing them. This is the second time in a row I've donw this now. It's kind of silly that I can't wait a day to post them so that they're as complete as possible. Sometimes I make large changes! Yeesh.

Thank goodness for the edit feature.

Anyway, I'll provide screens for the game next time I go to the library, which should be tomorrow or Thursday.


Spring 2010: An Evaluation
May 19, 2010

Well, I finally know all my grades now, so I can make that evaluation post I promised a few weeks ago. I'll try to make it brief this time since I already said all the stuff about how it affected me and whatnot in my last post.

HIST 299: Global Issues and Historical Perspectives
Grade: B-

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Well, it's over
May 10, 2010

The hardest semester of my entire college existence has finally ended. It was the most challenging, most draining, most oppressive and busiest semester of all, but I finally got through it. I think I pulled more all-nighters (or close enough) this seemster than all previous semesters combined. I dealt with the course material as best I could, and readily admit to becoming overwhelmed early in the semester. So much so that I fell irreparably behind in terms of the reading material for my classes. But that's OK because that time wasn't wasted; it was just spent working on papers and more important things that are actually worth a grade. However, to be completely fair, I will also admit that this has been the most difficult semester to deal with managing my time. I've never had such difficult

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WQ's top 10 pet peeves
April 18, 2010

*Note: Most, if not all, of these don't apply just to the internet. Furthermore, none of these apply to specifically one person, so if you think any of them are about you, then it's probably not JUST about you. Really these are directed towards habits more than the people committing the habits, so relax... well, sort of. =P

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Gamefaqs Character Battle: FINALE!
March 21, 2010

....is a joke.* It's the same thing every year with the Nintendo fanboys and Final Fantasy VII fanboys masturbating to their favorite Link or Cloud. I wish they'd just retire these mainstream characters altogether, especially Link since he wins EVERY SINGLE YEAR (with the exception of that time L-Block one, which I found both refreshing and hilarious).

I like that they decide to put joke or underdog characters in occasionally, especially since they have potential to vary the results. But it really usually amounts to nothing anyway because the final four usually, with some varying degree of exception, come down to: Link vs. Cloud vs. Sephiroth vs. Mario. It's so annoying that it makes me wonder why I bother paying attention to this nonsense anymore.

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Well, this is particularly worrying...
February 17, 2010

I just did a group presentation for this political science that's essentially studying game theory (without all the math). The problem, as it turns out, is none of the five of us (including myself) really read the book that discusses all this stuff because we're all rather busy. What we had done was look through the index to see what sort of articles and topics were discussed there to try and avoid repeating anything in the book, since the professor didn't want us rehashing any studies that were in the material we were supposed to have read.

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Year in Review: 2009
February 01, 2010

Why, may you ask, is someone who wrote only 8 reviews doing one of these now? The answer is 2 fold:

Firstly, my head hurts and I have nothing better to do for an hour before going to bed. It's too hard to focus on reading for school anyway, and I only managed to read one lousy chapter for one class. Oh well.

Secondly, let's just say Will inspired me, I guess. I wasn't going to bother this year since I only wrote eight, which is why I hadn't done it by now, but I figured, why the hell not.

With that said, I don't expect much from myself this year, either, with how busy I am, but if I can beat last year, I'll be happy.

God of War January 27
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