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July 12, 2011

Fished out an old GFs review for Everblue that fitted my mood today, so I edited it a bit and submitted it here. Got a lot more I never finished. My problem is I start a lot of reviews, even work on some for hours and never finish them. I change my mind about the score, rewrite too often, get bored and go back to simple FAQ making.

Marley and Me
July 10, 2011

Watched this film tonight.


The dog dies at the end.

I cried.


July 30, 2009

Submitted another old review, for Torneko, and after some comments, redrafted it, but it's still not much good, so I decided to delete it for now. Might take a while longer to rewrite it. I adore this game, and spent months playing it, but I wasn't doing a good enough job to show just how brilliant it really is.

(Untitled Post)
February 02, 2009

Beat Mystic Quest and enjoyed it. Maybe I just like simple stuff, but the way the enemies changed appearance as you whittled them down was brilliant. Seeing a glamorous harpy type losing all her hair and clutching her long nailed fingers to her bald head was hilarious. Guess I'm easily amused.

Decided to try and improve some of my old reviews. Shadow Madness for one. It's still rough around the edges, and the old, 'stick the bad things at end' is there, with a cursory glance at the graphics, but there's only so much time...

Anyhow, I've submitted it here.


Random stuff
January 19, 2009

Playing Mystic Quest, Persona 4, and trying to play some crappy recently translated game for the NES called Mirai Shinwa Jarvas that even Sash gave up on. If anyone can help me find a way into the castle place to the west of the first town... imaginatively called "Burg", I'll review it. Or maybe not. :p

LoTR the third age is awesome. Couldn't care less about the story, but loved the gameplay. I should review it, but there's not much to say beyond that.

P4 is not grabbing me at all. Guess I burned out on P3 after playing it for over 160 hours. Seems just the same, and I don't like the orange menu screen. Blue is better! Okay so I can control everyone, which IS better, but even so...

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