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RapeLay (PC) artwork

RapeLay (PC) review

"To some extent, RapeLay represents a substantial evolution in hentai gaming: diverse, real-time, interactive sexual intercourse. But let's be honest. In RapeLay, you rape women. Well-programmed or not, it's despicable."

As much as I wish RapeLay were an awesome hentai shooter starring an enormous naked lava man (he would attack by lobbing volcanic volleys of sperm), it's not. RapeLay is a disturbing rape simulator developed by the same misogynistic dickheads who brought us Battle Raper 2 which, oddly enough, didn't contain any actual rape.

I think they're making up for that.

Game creative staff RapeTeam Illusion certainly didn't make any effort to hide the nature of their latest "work". RapeLay's creepy cover shows defiant schoolgirl Aoi trying to protect her tearful sister from two menacing, outstretched hands.


These two hands belong to Kimura Masaya, a heartless wretch who doesn't deserve to be named after Ai Choaniki's lovely publisher. Evil-type Masaya escaped the steel grip of imprisonment... and now, taking a twisted cue from I Know What You Did Last Summer, he's returned to rape the entire Kiryuu clan: lusty mother Yuuko, busty schoolgirl Aoi, and dainty Manaka. They're all attractive and smoothly animated (genuinely noteworthy accomplishments for 3D hentai), and they all get brutally debauched. More on that in a bit.

When you first play through RapeLay, each girl is presented one at a time in a three-scene series. During the first scene, the unsuspecting target waits in front of the train station. For a train. At this point, you the deranged gamer have two choices.

Option One: Stare at the girl with creepy narrow stalker eyes.

Option Two: Exercise shamanistic Peruvian powers to summon a gust of wind. Instead of defending the world from diabolical cultists, you use this ability to blow womens' skirts up, revealing their pretty white panties.

Now begins the heavy petting drama.

Once aboard the train, you'll engage in a "groping" scene. Basically, you control a disembodied hand with the mouse. You can fondle, pat, or stroke the poor girl to your heartless soul's content even when she gets fed up and swats the hand away, she can't ever escape from the most intangible villain since Lucifer Alpha. She just looks really, really uncomfortable.

"Who... who's there?" Yuuko is unable to locate her assailant, even though there are only four or five people on the train. The other girls aren't any smarter. If they scowl when you jiggle their breasts, just move your hand and massage . . . down there. Maybe your arms are invisible, like in Elfen Lied. Regardless, you have to fondle the women as their Horniness Meter slowly, slowly, slowly creeps its way up to the limit.

Crazy people the types who try to rationalize virtual rape fantasies might claim that these "groping" scenes are built upon the principles of diligence and delayed gratification. Me, I say they're boring and pointless.

After several painfully tedious minutes, the poor girl runs away in fright, presumably to tattle to the police, a neighbor, or a Junker. Unfortunately, all three women choose to run somewhere secluded. At this point, the game boils down to raping women.

"Sniff... sniff... I w-w-want to die..."

That's the kind of dialogue the game plays after each rape. Then players can either snap some quick photographs or rape them again. RapeLay contains a lot of rape.

In an attempt to blend actual gameplay with its cutting-edge character models, RapeLay incorporates a flexible sex system that lets you adjust positions, techniques, and vibrator placement. You can even impregnate the women. Aoi gets really, really mad if you knock up her mother or sister. And when Aoi gets mad, she gets lethally violent.

Don't panic! Abort the baby and she'll never find out.

After you've completed the story mode, the remainder of the game focuses on transforming each woman into a sex slave. You'll unlock the ability to watch some hot lesbian action or engage in threesomes, foursomes, or gang-bangs with creepy Taneo Tanamatsuri look-alikes. RapeLay even keeps track of how many times you cum inside each girl (that's what the nakadashi count is for). Then you can boast to friends about your nakadashi achievements, unless your friends happen to disapprove of rape.

Excuse me for asking, but why are you doing such awful things?

To some extent, RapeLay represents a substantial evolution in hentai gaming: diverse, real-time, interactive sexual intercourse. But let's be honest. In RapeLay, you rape women. Well-programmed or not, it's despicable.

zigfried's avatar
Staff review by Zigfried (May 27, 2006)

Zigfried likes writing about whales and angry seamen, and often does so at the local pub.

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