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Final Fantasy XIV
March 13, 2010

With all this talk about FFXIII, I figured I'd talk about the next MMO in the series. I applied for the beta, but didn't get in the first batch of invites. ; ;

Gameplay-wise, it seems pretty interesting, especially the Armoury system, a take on the job system that apparently changes your job based on your current weapon.

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February 26, 2010

The power supply on my nice PC blew up a while ago, and the replacement finally came in, so I'm no longer stuck on the crappy, old PC that freezes up on sites like Youtube.

Thank the hells.

The perfect female...
February 17, 2010

...Is the first one that sings in this song.

If you disagree, you are wrong.



Two reviews in one month!
February 16, 2010


I honestly think the world's coming to an end... For a third and fourth review are forthcoming!

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Good Deals
February 11, 2010

So while I was out shopping today, I actually scored a couple good deals on games.

First, I got that Klonoa remake for the Wii, which ran me $20.

Then, and this was the bigger deal, I got the PSP port of Parappa the Rapper for $2.99, plus tax.

GREAT SUCCESS, too bad I'll be busy playing other stuff for the next week or so.

February 05, 2010

I just submitted my first review in, well, forever.

Suck on that!

PS: Something for genj:


Hell is going to freeze over
January 28, 2010

Because I'm planning on penning a new review soon!

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