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Book of the year?
December 14, 2009

The book doesn't have to be published this year. Just something you read this year.

I tend to keep a lot of my books, since it is relatively simple to do so. My favorite for 2009:

The Go-Between, by L P Hartley. It has the semi-famous, and memorable, first line "The past is a foreign country: they do things differently there." I read about this first line several times before actually reading the book.

It's one of those dreadfully sad loss-of-innocence books set in England about 100 years ago that just does it right.

Honorable mention to Trenton Lee Stewart's Mysterious Benedict Society for the first 80 pages, a fabulous example of an entrance exam with odd rules.

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I outlasted our cleaning lady.
December 11, 2009

She even moved with us, from the 15th to the 24th floor. She's not even an official employee, but she's always been there. She was oldish and spoke Polish and I never said more than thanks or "sorry, I need to make sure I didn't throw out something important." Sometimes after a day of coworkers showing how smart they were--often to each cubicle row in turn--I needed simple non-exciting conversation. Before when she left I figured she was on vacation--it was a topic of remedial conversation before--but it's been about a month now. I hope it was retirement, or promotion.

I remember staying late at work and hearing another cleaning staff person address her by her name, but I forgot that. My cubicle has one of those cheesy nametags. I doubt she remembers too many of our names now.

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So simple, yet so wretchedly unreadable
December 10, 2009

Anyone who can read through the first link below without feeling nauseous is much stronger than I.

The story's the furthest thing from profane--it's just proof that people wrote stupidly even 100 years ago and gives hope maybe we all haven't been getting dumber. Behold, the Arabella and Araminta stories.

I would never have found them if not for the internet--surprisingly, worldcat doesn't list them in any nearby libraries except U of C, which claims not to have a copy. I don't blame them.

The shaggy dog story for how I found these was

1. I read the Guardian top 10 book lists, noticing that the Adrian Mole series popped up a lot in people's favorites.

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OK, I correctly guessed it was a prank
December 08, 2009

But I think it's a good one.

Warning warning adult joke you can maybe sort of figure from hovering over the link with proof in the HuffPo link.

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Arizona State Basketball Ruined a Statistical Oddity
November 16, 2009

Actually, I don't care about their team either way. But they ruined a cool statistical anomaly related to small sample size.

See, if they had not beaten Western Illinois so handily, then 0-1 St. Peter's would be the #1 team in the excellent Ken Pomeroy basketball ratings. Because they lost by less than the home court advantage (3.5 points) at Seton Hall, and a bunch of other things happened...

Of course, small data sizes and blah blah blah.

20 year old Lucasfilm resume
October 08, 2009

I don't think this has been posted to HonestGamers blogs, and I'll risk redundancy to share this brilliant resume. It made me smile a lot.

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Stuff you misspelled, YOUR way
October 06, 2009

Back before I got good at the whole spelling thing--not good enough to win a Spelling Bee, sadly--I managed to find creative spellings for words I didn't know how to spell, one based on the boring spelling rules I learned, and another based on how it'd be cool if a word was spelt.

My favorite memory of a misspelled word was "OSOUM" for awesome. Back in 5th grade everyone said that a lot and I wrote it while doodling and someone asked "what the hell does that mean?" I'm curious about what anyone else had fun misspelling before knowing better.

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