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EmP finishes second to last...
December 30, 2009 the Alpha Marathon.

Unless Suskie makes a surprise attack, which would be nice to see.

Finishing was an interesting, quirky goal of the sort I like to have over a year to go with the more serious ones. I remember writing my first "Y" review back on GameFAQs--it's a tough letter--to do the Alpha thing. I think it took 2 years.

EmP coming along and doing it made me wonder why I took so long, especially as I took less to write each review. It's like the four minute mile example used in so many motivational books. Once one person did it, others followed quickly.

It's good to have that formal structure even in offbeat goals, though.

And now, back to fiction writing.


Christmas Loot + (almost) final count
December 29, 2009

First, the loot. I had a $10 coupon off a $10 purchase at Kohl's, so I bought a fleece for my cats and a bath towel. The dollar store had daily planners for $1.50, but credit purchase was a minimum of $5, so I bought some green olives and a kitty squeak toy. I also stopped at Jerry's in Niles on the way home, and along with their usual cheap produce they had two new flavors of these cool Polish sponge cookies with chocolate on top and fruit filling. Small pleasures and stuff.

I currently have (not counting W, which is submitted, and Z, which should be in a few hours--I hope:)

--57 total reviews
--4 cut/pasted from GameFAQs/my own files for quick HGWars points
--28 were actually new
--25 were modified from GameFAQs, much for the better I believe.

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Procrastination, Alpha Marathon, etc. May be TLDR.
December 27, 2009

EmP making it to the Alpha Marathon finish line was a lesson in procrastination for me. I still do it. I figured he might sneak something in at the end, and I thought it might be fun to do it a day before he did it or something, or find some time near the end of the year to pip him. I could've done it earlier--though while planning, I suspected he'd pick things up if I did. The self-fulfilling prophecy came about anyway--he wrote his last couple without knowing I was on 23, 24, etc.

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10000 review hits.
December 24, 2009

Hoped I'd hit it before year's end. Thanks to all that viewed, and who've helped me make it more worth viewing. And of course happy holidays to all.

I noticed I'm within 8000 of #50. I think I was within 10000+ back in March. It'd be fun to get there, but I won't kill myself with quantity. I'm happy with what I've done. And hey, I'm not getting doubled up by #50 any more.

Hope others are happy with what they've done this year too. Earlier today I was able to finish some scripting (merging 2 scripts) that I worried would take much longer than it did. I'm sure there are small bugs in there for special cases...but hey, I've been there before with proofreading stuff here, right?

Proofreading here makes script proofreading easier and vice versa.

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Spam-Scam that deserves credit...sort of
December 24, 2009

It's interesting how this bends back on the distrust people already have of spammers...and despite the usual bad grammar, this is cleverly done, with lots of manipulative tactics I'm sure we've all seen. I'm glad my spam filter didn't squelch this one.


Dear Sir,


I am delegated from our company to pay internet scammed victim the total sum of four Hundred and Fifty Thousand GB Pounds (GB ?450 000.00) each. Your particulars was mentioned by one of the syndicates using the name of our company who was arrested here in London as one of the victims of the operations.

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last minute new year's reso added, done
December 21, 2009

This is worth a post 6 hours later--I mean, it's sort of the next day, anyway.

So I was cleaning stuff up this weekend. I got exhausted and as I was about to give up I found an old college diary. I'd planned to plow through it at the beginning of the year.

I was rather sad to note there were only 44 pages. I know I'd looked at it before and was scared about what I might find--if I found anything silly, anything that I'd be embarrassed about, or even anything that showed me my ideas now aren't quite as developed in the last X years as I thought.

Turns out there was a decent combination of everything, with my favorite quote being the probably throwaway (at the time) "Packed my nerf hoop and shower curtain. I'm ready for my final year of college!" (I moved to non university housing.)

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Dated humor can be educational!
December 20, 2009

I was reading Harvard Lampoon's Harvard Education in a Book and while I'm a bit jealous a cadre of college students could do so well while I had trouble with much of anything, well, it's fun now to read the cultural references that even as late as 1998 might be too obscure.

But I love watching a britcom or reading an old book and seeing the references and seeing which work. Gaines Burgers, MacShakespeare, Senor stuff.

I used to be terrified of dictionaries or encyclopedias probably because they were so big--and I hated paging through things, even though I knew the binary sort way of looking at things. But now it's quite fun.

And of course the very best works, like Asterix, or Bored of the Rings, already have their own internet annotations. Someone beat me to it.

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