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2009 (new) Reviews in Review. TLDR n stuff.
February 02, 2010

I'm happy with how I kept the word count down on my reviews this year. I set goals for them and hit them, for the most part. I got progressively happier with my proofreading both before RotW/judge evaluations and after. I got used to determining what screenshots worked best, and that helped more than I expected. However, I still see problems when I proofread/add 1 last detail/forget to proofread. Connectivity can go poof.

Pre-6/1 games are HGwars fodder, largely.
5/Miner.html">Miner: My first exclusive HG review. It was rather short and I was half worried I was scamming HG points for such a small review. I shortly dropped the guilt once I needed to buy that next piece of land.

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Shadow Brain and...FAQ fatigue
January 29, 2010

So I wrote a FAQ for Shadow Brain, leaving open a few small questions. I generally mark them with ?? -- this works with other writing as well, e.g.


It's normal not to feel the immediate inclination to correct these. What wasn't, though, was that I didn't get any of the maps I intended to, posted to GameFAQs. There are details to fill in but one was in PNG form and I wrote it on my to-do list every day this week.

Maybe I've finally had it with FAQing? Maybe I'm really ready to move on for good? I hoped that I would get to the point where writing-writing took over game writing, but all the same I hope there are spare games to pick off when I have the time.

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Best technical foul ever
January 20, 2010

After Purdue's odd technical foul for an illegal player (assistant coach forgot to fill John Hart's name in after Hart was gone on Saturday for a funeral) I thought back to the best technical ever. Bobby Knight had that chair throwing incident you can see on YouTube, but I think this is harmless--well, except for the refs' egos. So quick and to the point. The whistle interrupts his PSA!

There's also a video of Gene Keady getting an impressive technical, which also Lou Henson's comb-over too, but while Keady tosses his blazer, there's not enough yelling.

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numbers as security
January 13, 2010

So with my fiction writing I had a constant question--how much had I gotten done? And in what ratio?

Two scripts in the last 24 hours were useful: one, that just says what sections in my text file are how big, and two, that says how much of the sections have ideas organized.

My chapters generally are organized like so:

Billy went to the beach. He found a dollar in the sand. Bully Bobby said "Hey! That's my dollar!"


Billy spent the dollar on a Flakey Jake and a can of A&W Root Beer.

B asks BB if know serial number
Is BB trying to impress girls?
B has friends at beach?

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My old school cred takes a hit
January 07, 2010

It happened as I placed a hold on a library book today.

I was #86 in line for the regular-print version of the book, when I placed an Internet hold. That was major dungus, so I saw if the Large Print version was more available. Yahtzee! Two branches, one 7 miles NW of downtown and one 13 miles south, had the book "not checked out."

So I figured I'd place an Internet hold at the NW branch, then walk there this weekend.

Checking an hour later, one copy was "in transit between libraries" from branch #2 to branch #1.

I asked about this at the main branch. They said I could call the librarians to hold the book nonelectronically a few days.

Oh, right! That whole talking to people thing. It's ancient, but it has its positives.

Words/phrases we love to hate (oops...)
January 06, 2010

Maybe others here have probably seen this, but I was pleased to note "in these economic times" made the list. I'd had a small joke with a couple of coworkers, e.g.:

"Should I learn more about this PERL package?"

"I don't know. In these economic times..."

I'm also amused that this came out of Lake Superior State. I always had it hammered into my head that if I didn't speak/write correctly I might wind up at an odd sounding school like Lake Superior State.

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Today's a palindrome, kind of sort of
January 02, 2010

My daily miscellaneous-writing notes go

YYYY/MM/DD. (And if anyone in England or Australia balks, quiet down. As Denis Leary said, WE GOT THE BOMBS.)

So it was by accident that I noticed 20100102 as a palindrome. But then I thought we could have 2010-10-2 (dropping the zero) and a lot of other cool dates like that too.

And it got me to thinking about 300 years in the future. Some people will never have a palindrome day, unless they live a long time. They'd have to cheat with 2301-03-2, and even after that it'd be tough to get anything. Switch days/months to get 2311-13-2, 2321-23-2 and then...nothing. Which is sort of vaguely sad. Stupid date/number tricks are fun. Amateur numerologists have been spoiled, since the start of the millenium.


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