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No energy for a review
July 27, 2007

Well, I just got through writing up all 20 levels of Miner. It's a silly little game, only hinting at the greatness of Lode Runner. Basically, the controls suck. But in a way that's heartening. Often when I want to write something and it doesn't read nearly as smoothly as I thought it up, I wonder if I can really ever get there. Miner vs Lode Runner is an example of how things can improve with maybe a little feedback and a little concession to the (hypothetical) people who are, apparently, supposed to enjoy the game.

I can't really write a review about this without retreading my other Lode Runner reviews and adding something downbeat, so I won't. All I can say is, Lode Runner fans, this is an interesting history lesson.


Hunt the Mugwump
July 25, 2007

Bleah. Standard blog disclaimers about how things never work out the first time.

I remember a big yellow book that helped me learn to write BASIC programs. Well, actually, it just had a bunch of BASIC programs you typed in and eventually I got frustrated with the unoriginality of it all and started modifying them, especially the ones where you played against the computer and the odds weren't even in your favor. Of course I wish I still had it, and of course the game I remember best is the one I thought I'd remember least.

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