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HonestGamers vs GameFAQs
August 06, 2007

Since I've been blogging my position in FAQ hits soared from #34 to #31. I'm not a numerologist but love poking with numbers and there's always a dumb fun realization to be had poking around. It's about as productive as reading horoscopes though. Anyway, my FAQ hits for stuff recently posted here:

Arena of Octos 41-25, HG
Sneakers 22-26, GFAQS
Taxman 26-33, GFAQS
Miner 32-0, HG(GFAQs does not accept protos)

So, I hope to send in Choplifter to see about breaking the tie. Maybe Bard's Tale II. But I'm still plowing through Pharaoh's Revenge(128 of 200, not bad for a week.) If you've ever had food you didn't love but bought too much of and it's ok but not TERRIBLY nutritious, well, PR is the computer equivalent of that.

Of COURSE it came up short
August 05, 2007

The gaming experience, if not the fun I had mapping it.

Bard's Tale II just wasn't as fun the 2nd time around. Maybe it's because I saw the weaknesses--where you just have to rush through the final 3 dungeons and can't stay to fight, where the "death snare" puzzles get more and more repetitive(though the no-magic zones in the entire Grey Crypt and the no-light mazes in the final one are cool) or because leveling up is not as fun as it used to be even if I crank up the emulator. The last battle was very silly and I worried I would have to level up more, but my dead archmages cast the big kill-everything spell, which only took 8 times actually to kill everything.

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Bard's Tale 2
August 02, 2007

Been mucking around with this old favorite and it's been rather fun. They do have some cheat protection in that you need to win a fight before you can advance further. But I built up a party pretty quickly and was able to roam around and make some decent maps of the overworld.

Now I'll have to track down my old maps to see how I did things before with Might and Magic I/II in order to create the wall- and not block- based maps. BT2 seems a bit clunkier--and a LOT smaller--than before, but it will be fun to barge through and make maps for.

I actually remember it better than BT3 because I didn't get the concept that RPGs were for solving puzzles not leveling up. With BT3 I got through the puzzles quicker.

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Hitting the wall
August 01, 2007

Do you know how you have a game that's pretty good, but not that good? Enough to stay up til 1 AM or 2 AM to play it but then you get frustrated on a level you know HOW to beat and you know you SHOULD beat but you're too tired.

That's where I got with Pharaoh's Revenge around level 34 and I took a break. 34 of 200 ain't bad for day 1.

Another recurring theme I find in middling games is how it's nice to be able to speed them up, but the controls become impossible, and the additional puzzles of working around the controls to execute the solution you know is there can get stale.

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Pharaoh's Revenge!
July 31, 2007

Funny how googling a game you liked once a year means it eventually turns up, or the Google searches eventually go the right way. In fact there's another game called Pharaoh's Revenge that's completely different, and that was another red herring in my search.

Along the way I found it has a connotation as does Montezuma's Revenge, another classic old game.

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Crossing over
July 30, 2007

I was surprised at how well my jam session with Sneakers save states went. I feel I might need to sleep on a complete guide even though it shouldn't be too hard.

I picked up Boxxle for the GameBoy. I always wanted to attack it. I don't think I'll need a guide separate from my TurboGrafx-16 Boxyboy FAQ as I looked at the first 10 and last 8(world 11 has 8 levels, go figure) puzzles in Boxxle, which almost all equated to the TG16 version. It'd feel like filler to write up another similar and HEAVILY cut and pasted guide and besides it would be interesting to see how the ports compare. I would have to keep controls straight(ie TG 16 very smooth, GB awful,) but I think it is the best way to do things.

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Almost becoming a habit, posting here.
July 29, 2007

I'm fortunate enough that when I get sick of one of my hobbies I can look at another. I read a couple short books this afternoon(I could give reasons why I feel Jenny Nimmo's Charlie Bone series is stronger than Harry Potter--the books I read waiting for HP7 were better than, well, IT, but I'll offer a cop out--"it's late and this is not a literary blog.") and managed to get done what I hoped this weekend--a FAQ for Taxman(Apple). Then I poked around at another game I wrote a review for, Sneakers. I figured out how to get a bonus that had eluded me for so long. Maybe I'll write for that as I hoard my FAQ writing energy for some of the bigger projects I hope to check off before the year's end.

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