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Uukrul done, what next
September 02, 2007

Well--that was exhausting. I don't know if it was a bug in the game or what, but there was one square where you were SUPPOSED to be able to search for a door but you couldn't. Which was very, very uncool.

I decided two uncools made a cool, though, and I found a way to hack into the game to turn the wall into a door or empty space. You can't fiddle with the save files on the PC but you can futz with the maps.

Of course my work was not over then either but I did manage to write maps and even find a silly cheat for an easy and replenishable fight at the start of a game.

Now I have a choice of what to write up next.

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History Lesson
August 28, 2007

About Lode Runner. A fun read even if you've never played.

8 of 20 levels in Uukrul done. Feels like I'm more than halfway there. The first few mazes wound back on themselves but I have no extra programming to add, and some of the later mazes are either half filler or wide open spaces. There are far fewer possibilities for teleports.

I just completed an interesting maze where you had a big 5x5 hall.

Doors led to:
* sub-maze you couldn't leave that wrapped about itself endlessly
* doors that wrapped to the other side of the 25x16 map
* standard weird teleports and spinners
* a small spinner puzzle that lead to one of the eight stone hearts you need to win the game

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The cads! I say!
August 27, 2007

So I thought I'd get through a lot more of Uukrul on DosBox, but I in fact got bogged down in the first 2 areas. The maps wind around quite a bit and there are all sorts of quasi-teleports that really just make the 25x16 map branch out to a more irregular shape.

You see, when I said 1 map a day, I thought cheating was going to be easy. Just mess with the save file, find where the gold/stats are stored and pow!

Well it took me a while to get exasperated enough to cheat, the game being pretty good, but I still got a Not so fast my friend.

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uukrul it is, then
August 23, 2007

So anyway after getting sick of updating(I did push Ultima III through) I looked at some games I'd been playing for a while, or I'd meant to be playing, and two struck out at me. Champions of Krynn and Dark Heart of Uukrul. Apparently both are rather good.

The first defied emulation(I had trouble creating a save disk,) and the PC version is somewhere in my newly cleaned place I can't find it yet. I poked at DHoU and found why the maps I made of it were rubbish. They were a few lines of code from NOT being rubbish, and I fixed that. Without having to touch that map generator I like so much but can't quite bring myself to potentially dismantle as I improve it.

So my goal is 1 location a day to map. There are 20 total. This with all the other projects.


Ultima II
August 20, 2007

This was not a good game, but fortunately in the 5 years since I wrote a guide for it, emulation tools got better. I got better at using them. And most importantly in general, but least relevant to this post, Origin got a lot better at writing them, as you should go find out for yourself with Ultima III and especially IV and V.

And I sent in a revised version of the FAQ. I kept the dungeon maps but the town maps went. -14k. I listed out all the other game guides that needed editing. They are, potentially,

Ultima III
Demon's Winter(FAQ needs beefing up)
Phantasie 1/2/3
Questron/Questron II
Wizard's Crown
Eternal Dagger
Rings of Zilfin
Legacy of Ancients
Legend of Blacksilver
Magic Candle I/II/III, Bloodstone

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Killing your babies
August 17, 2007

I think Faulkner wrote how writing was like that. Well, that was one of the things he wrote that did make sense. His other writing was as brutal as babies getting killed, well to me anyway, but I think we all know what he really meant.

It's emotionally hard for anyone to revise their creative work and I found it was hard with just a guide of mine for a game I sort of liked--Ultima I. I redrew the text maps as graphics and it took a few days before I rubbed the maps from the guide.

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Of course they had it.
August 13, 2007

Cheesy 80s fashionwear commercial.

Without seeing/remembering the commercial, I always thought the tags kicked the fugly on these jackets up a notch.

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