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GameFAQs achievement unlocked...
August 07, 2009

...1 million FAQ hits!

I haven't been looking so much recently, but with the last of my Robot Odyssey graphics, I'm there. Well, almost. 999939 right now, so I'll have to wait a couple of hours. Figured I'd write before I forgot...and I wanted to get rid of the ad.

Robot Odyssey: completed
August 04, 2009

Well, this was an odd Apple game I always wanted to play. It's allegedly an educational game for kids but it should read FOR VERY SMART KIDS. You basically move robots remotely around a room, picking up stuff that's behind force fields. Later you have robots signal to each other. It's a very early version of Incredible Machine and a lot less aesthetic, and the puzzles even had me wanting to throw something against a wall.

If you want an idea of some of the solutions, go here or here.

Or, in a few days' time, this will be complete.

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August 02, 2009

My record when my avatar is a Guy With Hair On Top: 3-0 (Mr. T, Chris Kramer, J Leman)

My record when my avatar is a Guy Without Hair On Top: 0-3 (Gene Keady--his combover half counted, so it got my team the win--Rastapopulous, Colonel K)

Donavan Freberg, annoying Encyclopedia Britannica boy, is my avatar this week. And what a beautiful mullet he is (rocking/sporting)! My successful playoff run and my team's are inevitable. I have unlocked the secret. The rest is detail.

I just hope it doesn't mess things up if he's lost a lot of hair since then. It was twenty years ago.


The final Playoff and Seeding Preview
August 02, 2009

IMPORTANT IMPORTANT BULLETIN: I may post an ELO rated(chess-style) list of the contestants later, if anyone is interested. Basically, it pretends a vote is like a win in chess. I'm pleased I was able to write the program so quickly, and I'd love to show off, but then, people at the bottom end might not be too thrilled. We'll see. This all should be fun, after all.

Well, nobody was out yet last week, and the playoff teams are all decided this week. We'd have seen more drama if Team Felix would beat Team EmP and Team Will would beat Team Overdrive. If either had won, there'd still be something to fight for. The two sweeps really shook up the tiebreak.

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Playoff Prospectus, wit-free for speedier completion!
July 26, 2009

...and of course I had the skeleton up from last week.

If this is too technical and dry, chalk it up to me being a great guy not stealing the thunder from zippdementia's preview. However, in the big picture, NOBODY IS OUT YET.

SUMMARY: we had an upset with a 1-3 defeating a 3-1, and a 3-1 used home field well to squeak by a 4-0, which makes things interesting for the last few weeks at the top AND bottom of the table. EmP made my banging on about tiebreaks that much more rubbish now; an EmP-hatic (may this pun make nobody but Team Overdrive groan :) ) 3-0 win will do that. The game with Felix will be for lots of marbles, but not all, re: the final playoff spot.

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I cheated at googlewhack
July 25, 2009

The children's game Rocky's Boots was much tougher than I thought, and given the paucity of solutions for the game, I decided, why not write a guide?

Yesterday I sent a Rocky's Boots guide here and to GameFAQs. 10-12 hours later I searched for one of the puzzles, "Cori's Catastrophe" and...

...1 hit, right here at HG.

If you forget the quotes, you will find, incidentally, a young lady named Cori Catastrophe on myspace who is into body piercings.

Follow to zipp's post: Team Tourney Playoff Scenarios
July 24, 2009

Based on discussion here, which is probably more interesting than below, I present the team tourney prediction table. I offer no crystal ball because I don't want to anger the weauxf gods, as stated by Oliver's Woofing Theorem.

So, before the judges render all this speculation moot, here goes! Oh, and if anyone can figure how to get rid of the space below here, I'd be grateful.

Top row = 1st initials of team name, wins/losses, opposition remaining record, individual matches won and individual judge votes gained.


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