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I am a video game collector, it's a hobby I am rather fond of in fact. Anything from the 8-bit era and onward I have interest in. Check out my YouTube channel for gameplay, count down videos, review, and a few somewhat original videos as well, all of which are game related!

All-Gen Short List (UPDATED)
April 05, 2018

Those that know me, know that my wife and I are collectors. We have a fairly large number of games on various systems, new and old, however we are not done acquiring older titles. As one can imagine, we do have to prioritize, so some newer games we are interested in get put on the back burner due to finances. Here are a few titles for various consoles that I am personally interested in getting.

Gunstar Heroes(GEN)
Alone in the Dark New Nightmare(DC)
Robopon Ring Version(GBA)
Robopon Cross Version(GBA)
Demi Kids(GBA)
Zone of the Enders: The Fist of Mars(GBA)
The Krion Conquest(NES)
Vice Project Doom(NES)
MegaMan 7(SNES)
MegaMan X3(SNES)
Secret of Evermore(SNES)
Battalion Wars(GC)
Kirby Air Ride(GC)
Starfox Adventure(GC)
Battalion Wars 2(WII)

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The New Ghostbusters Movie
July 14, 2016

Just saw the new Ghostbusters movie.

I grew up with the original films, and I absolutely love them, some of my favorite films and also some of the most creative in my opinion.

I'm going to just say it, I liked the new movie.

People are too stuck up to realize that a reboot does not negate the originals, if anything it revitalizes interest in the originals. Yes, reboots invite comparisons and generally ends with a big argument over which is better, new or old. There is no contest, the originals are better, HOWEVER, this movie was not made for the old fans, it was made to bring in new fans.

We all need to remember that MANY of the current movie goers were born around 2000, ages 14 to 17. Let's be honest, not many people in that age range are into 30+ year old movies.

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July 06, 2016

It's been a while since I picked up something and got so involved that it was the only thing I played for an extended period.

I first tried Dark Souls in 2011, when the game was fresh off the press. I liked the combat well enough, but had trouble with some of the mechanics and felt like I could not make any progress. I was doing next to no damage to the enemies I was fighting and died 5+ times within 15 minutes, this turned me off the game.

Fast forward to late June 2016, I have some experience with Bloodborne and take another crack at Dark Souls, this time I take a different route. I am now progressing, and enjoying all that I find. There is next to NO direction in this game, making it hard for newcomers to take on, much like Zelda 2: The Adventures of Link in my opinion.

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My first PS4 Platinum will be for a 20 Year Old Game
April 22, 2016

I bought my PS4 at launch and have purchased a nice handful of games since then. None of the new games though have been able to keep me involved long enough to pursue the Platinum Trophy.

What game has managed to make me chase the Platinum, it's a game that has been out for nearly 20 years, has a prequel game as well as sequel film and sequel game. If you haven't figured it out yet, that game would be Final Fantasy VII.

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Playing More On PC
February 22, 2016

I haven't posted in a while, blogs aren't my highest priority.

I've bought some humble bundles, a few games on super sale, and some games I really wanted to support.

One game I wanted to support is RWBY: Grimm Eclipse, which is based on the 3D anime web series by Rooster Teeth. I love the show, and I'm happy to say I really like the game. It is in early access, but it successfully combines the hack and slash Dynasty Warriors style game play with the objective campaigns of Left 4 Dead.

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YouTube Giveaway
May 08, 2015

For those that know me on a more personal level, I enjoy playing games with friends and uploading them to YouTube. I generally have only done one video a week, sometimes more, what with work and regular life taking up much of my time. In an effort to drum up some additional subscribers I am doing a giveaway for a custom Legend of Zelda NES with a color changing LED lit trifore cutout made by my friend that owns a local game store. Here is a link to my giveaway video:


I have some fairly rare games I've been playing and some more unique videos coming in the near future, hopefully in the next two months even.

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Physical VS Digital Game Purchases
January 13, 2015

It's quite obvious that developers and publishers prefer digital sales, almost entirely because they continue to sell retail games at $59.99 to the consumer, but the consumer has nothing to show for it aside from less space on their hard drive. With no manufacturing cost for discs, covers, cases, distribution, and so on, it is clear that digital is the best way to support the companies, as they get a much higher return on each sale. Working electronics retail has shown me the mark up on these product and many publishers(if not all) don't pack and ship to stores themselves, so there is cost for distributors, after all is done the developer only gets somewhere around $25-$35 for each $60 game sold, varying depending on the publishers cut of coarse.

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