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I am a video game collector, it's a hobby I am rather fond of in fact. Anything from the 8-bit era and onward I have interest in. Check out my YouTube channel for gameplay, count down videos, review, and a few somewhat original videos as well, all of which are game related!

Physical VS Digital Game Purchases
January 13, 2015

It's quite obvious that developers and publishers prefer digital sales, almost entirely because they continue to sell retail games at $59.99 to the consumer, but the consumer has nothing to show for it aside from less space on their hard drive. With no manufacturing cost for discs, covers, cases, distribution, and so on, it is clear that digital is the best way to support the companies, as they get a much higher return on each sale. Working electronics retail has shown me the mark up on these product and many publishers(if not all) don't pack and ship to stores themselves, so there is cost for distributors, after all is done the developer only gets somewhere around $25-$35 for each $60 game sold, varying depending on the publishers cut of coarse.

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Why Resident Evil Remake HD is important
January 11, 2015

Iím sure others have done similar blogs or rants, but Iím going to as well.

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