Retailer Exclusive Games
April 11, 2019

Iím on the hunt for a comprehensive list of Retailer Exclusive video game titles. I havenít been able to find such a list, but through some research I have found a few, here is what I have so far: Exclusives:
Jojoís Bizarre Adventure AllStarBattle PS3
Syberia Complete Collection PS3
Gravity Rush Remastered PS4

Blockbuster Exclusives:
Freestyle Street Soccor Xbox
Outlaw Golf 9 Holes of Christmas Xbox
Outlaw Golf 9 MORE Holes of Christmas
Outlaw Volleyball Red Hot Xbox

GameStop Exclusives:
Ultimate Marvel VS Capcom 3 PS4
Secret of Mana Remake PS4
Deracine PS4
Home Sweet Home PS4
Tales of Hearts R Vita
Wild Guns Reloaded PS4/Switch
Katimari Reroll Switch
Nascar Ď15 Xbox 360
Crush 3D 3DS
Mayís Mystery: Forbidden Memories DS
Tenchu Dark Secret DS
Formula One 2009 Wii
Xenoblade Chronicles Wii
Chulip PS2
Rule of Rose PS2

Toys R Us Exclusives:
Sneakers Xbox

Walmart Exclusives:
Chibi Robo Park Patrol

What else is out there I wonder. Let me know!

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