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July 30, 2019

Hello! I haven't been posting the last week, though I've wanted to, because I've had some health scares. Thankfully, nothing appears to be serious, though I do need to take some pills for a rather embarrassing illness (that and I've concluded that I need to consume much less caffeine do less overtime, as those are both likely contributing to my blood pressure and anxiety).

That's enough TMI, though. Here are some things I'm aiming to do over the next week:

-I'm approaching my 500th review with HG. I think it'd be great if I covered the very first game I ever reviewed anywhere: Die by the Sword. I'm halfway through it right now, and I should have it done with a crit very soon.

-I finished Phantasy Star III and decided that since there isn't much difference between the plot paths, I'm going to consider it a done deal and write a review soon. I'd like to have this review up before I start Phantasy Star IV, which I'm absolutely looking forward to (I've played it before, but never all the way through, and I remember loving what little I'd played).

-I have a review for The Adventures of Elena Temple ready to go, so that'll go live soon.

-Finally, I'm judge for ROTW this week, and I think I'll have this one typed out quickly. I'm off work today, so I should have plenty of time to nail this one.

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honestgamer honestgamer - July 31, 2019 (04:37 PM)
I've greatly reduced how much caffeine I consume, for the reasons you named and for others I won't discuss here. I stopped drinking a daily coffee, and now the only caffeine I get is when I finish off my wife's pop or drink the occasional can of caffeinated soda. I'm also trying to drink MUCH more liquid in general, even if it's sugary, because I flirt with dehydration most of the time if I don't make a conscious effort to treat myself better. I hope your particular health/personal care challenges are easily overcome!

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