My (brief) thoughts thus far on Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice
March 30, 2019

Now with easy bullet points!

+Stealth scenes are actually well done--reminiscent of Tenchu: Stealth Assassins.

+Prosthetic tools are cool! You have a prosthetic arm that gains attachments like a spear or a firecracker dispenser.

+Some of the bosses are challenging and actually quite fun.

-But not all of them... Some are just pricks for the sake of pricktitude.

-Camera issues crop up during boss fights about half of the time. I've died more times than I can count because the camera screwed me over.

-Target locking system similarly screws up during some boss battles. Sometimes a boss moves off-screen for a moment and the target disengages. It's imperative that you see the boss at all times. Breaking your concentration can easily kill you.

+/-Do you love parrying in action games? So much that you want an entire action game built around parrying? If not, then tread carefully with this one. You can take out most enemies without having to engage them head-on, but bosses absolutely require timing and parrying in order to win, and some of them pull off drawn out combos that require you to parry every strike. Needless to say, I'm usually exhausted after one boss fight, especially since I'm not really a big fan of parrying. On the flip side, this one handles parrying much better than most action titles. I never thought I'd get through one boss called Blazing Bull, which was a huge bull with a burning hay roll on its head. You actually have to parry its gore attempts, and found myself doing it capably enough that I managed to kill it without much problem.

I'm pretty far into it, and I'd say it's quite enjoyable. However, it's certainly not without some technical flaws that hamper the experience as a whole. Rating thus far is 4/5.

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