Game Progress 12/11/17
December 11, 2017

Caster (PC)
I played pretty much nonstop, but not because it was that good. It's actually a really easy, bad title. I got to a point where the game says "To Be Continued," with the promise of new developments and missions. However, there haven't been any new missions added to the game since 2010, so I'm pretty sure it's been abandoned. Expect another less than enthused review.

Pokemon Go (Android)
A fair portion of Gen 3 dropped recently. I managed to get Wurmple, Zigzagoon and Makuhita.

Hazen: The Dark Whispers (PC)
This is an episodic RPG that I've had in my Steam library since 2010. Sadly/Thankfully, there is no episode 2. It's a pretty substandard hack 'n slash highlighted by linear design, uninspired levels and asinine quests. It also crashes occasionally. Right now, I'm on the fifth and final stage, so it's inevitable that I'll scratch this one off my backlog soon.

The Last Remnant (360)
I pulled this one out of my backlog drawer and got started. I made it through the introduction, opened a chest and saved. That's pretty much it.

Pony Island (PC)
I powered through the last bit of it. I didn't expect this game to get as intense as it did. It's surprisingly well built adventure title that earned my stamp of approval.

Arx Fatalis (PC)
Joe, did you start Arx over for the fifth time? Maybe...

But yeah, I started over and decided to make this my main emphasis. I was determined then to figure out why I couldn't get any further during my first playthrough and what I can do to finally advance.

I tore my way through the goblin prison, hacking up gobs left and right. I released a goblin from his cell and snagged some paperwork that looked useful. I exited the goblin fortress and entered a nearby tavern, where I found the goblin I rescued earlier. He signed the paperwork for me, which would allow me to advance. Across from the tavern was a fort that I could've sworn was closed off last time I played this game. I entered and advanced the story by talking to some dying guards.

I used my forged papers to get through the goblin stronghold and slowly make my way towards the town of Arx. There I met with the king and told him about the ruined fortress. He thanked me for the info and asked me to help his allies, the trolls. I used a note he gave me to enter a troll camp, where I discovered that an item of theirs had been stolen. They believed it was in the goblin kingdom, so I went there. I gained access to all of the kingdom, save for a few rooms. I couldn't enter one chamber because I needed the king's permission, but he was too busy stuffing his face with cakes to have an audience. I decided to search around a bit and found a note reminding the king that he is allergic to wine, and that drinking it does a number on his digestive tract. I noticed a goblin around that time deliver cakes to the throne room, so I followed him to the kitchen. Once there, I used a bottle of wine on uncooked dough and watched as the madness ensued.

The king ran from one throne to another. I spoke to him while he took a dump, and he granted me access to the storage room. After entering, I noticed only a locked chest and a bunch of shields, but no troll artifact. Obviously, it was locked in the chest, but I had no idea how to open it.

Consulting some FAQs, I discovered that there was a goblin who desired the throne. Under his pillow was a key to the chest. As it turns out, he was the one who stole the artifact. I swiped his key, disarmed the trap on the chest and nabbed the item. The goblin confronted me at that moment, locking the door behind him. I hadn't yet gotten the hang of the combat system, so I ended up delivering a slew of weak pokes before he died. I nearly perished myself. I didn't realize you could hold the attack button to execute stronger strike.

Before returning the artifact to the trolls, I bought tons of shares in the goblin mines. After that, I officially completed the quest and resold all of my shares for a profit.

The king put me up to another task when I returned. It seemed someone was performing rituals not unlike those seen in satanic horror films. The perp also killed the royal astronomer. After speaking to everyone in the castle, I found a journal that gave all of the information I needed. The rest of my time in the kingdom consisted of sitting through a bunch of poorly acted cutscenes, talking to a handful of people and learning a spell that activates teleporters. Finally, the game loosened the leash and I roamed the caves to see what I could find.

For the most part, I didn't participate in too many interesting events. There was one that involved finding some cultists who planned to sacrifice the item shopkeeper's daughter to an evil god. I first caught sight of them on level four, IIRC. I followed them to an altar, where I managed to chop up all but two. Sadly, one of them succeeded in the sacrifice and summoned a monster that killed his summoner. I fought the remaining cultist while the two of us fled the beast, but the creature eventually dispatched me.

I reloaded, with only the two cultists left alive. This time I ran into the altar room and didn't hesitate to halt the ritual. I poked the summoner in the back and said, "You stop that!" With a few choice cleaves, both he and his buddy were on the floor dead. I saved the little girl and pressed onward.

I fought tons of battles, killed some goblins for treasure, annihilated rat people and faced a giant worm. Internet forums claimed I couldn't kill the creature by conventional means.

I killed the creature by conventional means.

I haven't pressed much further beyond that. I'm currently doing a side quest that's kind of a treasure hunt. After that, I might advance the story.

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EmP EmP - December 16, 2017 (03:17 AM)
I discovered Pony Island. Any success it has is solely down to me!

It's a clever little game -- you should be beating it in a single sitting, though. Slacker.
JoeTheDestroyer JoeTheDestroyer - December 16, 2017 (04:43 AM)
I could have, but got tired partway through. I think I started it late one night and knew I wouldn't finish it. I have a habit of doing that.

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