Game Progress: New Beginnings (and Endings)
November 28, 2017

I'm kind of weird about how I handle gaming projects. I typically take on a bunch of small ones and one large one at the same time. Then I'll rush to finish all of those before moving on to some major playthrough so I can focus solely on that. The last major playthrough was Mass Effect 2, and the one I have coming up is Horizon: Zero Dawn. But before I hit that, I've got some other titles I've been wanting to scratch off my backlog.

Arx Fatalis (PC)
Once again restarted because why the hell not? I'm outside of the prison and in the pit, where the marsh is located. I've got to find some cogs to make a machine work before advancing. During my exploration, I noticed a huge spider and thought maybe I should just put myself back in prison.

Caster (PC)
Imagine if Mega Man Legends and Lost Planet gave birth to a budget title. This was one of the first Steam games I purchased, and one that I all but forgot was in my library. It's not terrible, but it's bland and overly simplistic in almost every way. I completed a few missions, almost all of which involved simply running all over arena-like stages and nabbing items. One of them required healing a tree, which you can accomplish by shooting it (yeah, I don't get it either).

Blade Kitten (PC)
This one's a side-scrolling mix of beat 'em up and platformer. It's not bad so far, but hasn't quite wowed me yet. I completed the first stage, which was actually quite long.

Dinocide (PC)
Yet another Steam-released "me too," only this one copies Adventure Island II. I finished the game in one sitting of about ninety minutes. Expect a less than enthused review.

Paradigm Shift (PC)
I started this game and immediately stopped playing it when I realized it was a point-and-click title with perma-death. I don't know about any of you, but that doesn't sound the least bit enjoyable to me. I can take perma-death in some dungeon crawlers, but in a game that uses still screens and gives you no indication when you might die, that's sounds like a horrible design choice.

Labyrinthine Dreams (PC)
I powered through this rather dull maze game. Kinda-Spoiler: It beats you over the head with its message. Thanks for that.

I Am Alive (PS3)
I also started this game, which I added to my library some time ago via PlayStation Plus. It seems like it might be a challenging title, in a similar vein to games like Disaster Report and Raw Danger. You begin by crossing a ruined bridge to enter a huge city in shambles. I think there's supposed to be combat eventually because I have a gun. However, I haven't run afoul of any trouble yet. I'm not sure what happened in the game's world that wrecked civilization, but I can only imagine it was some massive war.

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