Game Progress 11/25/17
November 25, 2017

3D Dot Game Heroes (PS3)
I sat up late one night and decided to have a go at the final dungeon, Dark Tower. Holy crap, did it take forever! The dungeon consists of seven floors, with each floor decked out with features and enemies from the previous temples. For instance, the first floor houses foes and traps from the Grass Temple. Plus, each floor holds a tougher version of each of the bosses you've fought. I had the hardest time killing the kraken this time around, but managed to off the dragon on only my second attempt.

When it came to the final battle, I struggled a bit to finish off the penultimate boss, Fuelle. Thankfully, I grabbed the Hero Shield before entering this dungeon, because it allowed to be kill the final boss without receiving even a sliver of damage. I hung back and blocked for a long time, taking the occasional choice shot. It didn't take long before he fell, and I scratched this game off my backlog.

Mass Effect 2 (360)
I wish I could write at length about this experience, because this game is awesome. I started it about a week or two ago and played pretty much nonstop until completion. Along the way, I went full paragon ("good guy"), recruited every member (even the DLC recruits Kasumi and Zaeed), completed every loyalty mission and finished the game without losing anyone. I also told Martin Sheen to shove it.

Pony Island (PC)
I started this and am a good way into it. I got to a point where I deleted or corrupted some bit of data, but I still need to deal with two or three more of them. It's an interesting title so far. It's fresh and surprisingly interactive for such an experimental piece.

Gothic II (PC)
Yet another one I started, after having some technical issues. The Steam edition crashes when you select "new game," but thankfully there are a few different fixes. Mine involved simply running the game in XP service pack 2 compatibility mode while disabling the Steam overlay. I haven't gotten far into this game, as all I've done is watch the opening cutscene and have a conversation with a character from the previous installment. I'm still not sure what the hell is going on. Something about someone wanting to resurrect a dark god (man, we haven't seen that in 1000 other RPGs), golems attacking people, dragons running amok and me needing some artifact or another.

Labyrinthine Dreams (PC)
This one is a standard maze game, except you can't pull a 180 or turn left. It's tougher than it seems. However, the game has that Xbox Live Indie or Desura feel to it. I don't want to call it cheap, but it feels that way. Right now, I'm on the fourth stage.

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