Seven years ago...
September 26, 2017

My first review went live seven years ago. Breath of Fire III.

The story is I used to submit reviews at GameFAQs in the early 2000s, under the name Bored Gamer. Around 2004, I got tired of writing reviews all of the time, and went on hiatus. I submitted a few now and then, whenever I had time. Fast forward to 2009, I decided I had a lot of time on my hands and I wanted to rediscover some of the games I played in my late teens and early twenties, as well as submit new reviews for them.

The truth is my old review stunk. I wanted to improve my craft and I thought submitting at GameFAQs might be the way to do that. The only crummy thing is GameFAQs' review community was, well, almost nonexistent. I wondered where everyone had gone and decided to check through old reviews to see if anyone left a clue in the "website" field of their profiles. Aschultz, as it turned out, had HonestGamers listed as his website. I stumbled upon this place, saw some names I recognized, and decided it was time for me to get back into the saddle.

Seven years later, I'm a staff member.

I hope to have more years here, even though I don't have the free time I once did. Full time work and family life will do that.


In other news, I've completed the rough draft for my Pylon: Rogue review, so expect that soon.

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honestgamer honestgamer - September 26, 2017 (02:27 PM)
I'm glad you found HonestGamers, and it's great having you on staff!

Life changes for everyone, but I hope this community will enjoy another seven productive years and many more besides. Late next year, I will have been working on the site in one form or another for 20 years--roughly half my life by that point--and I can't imagine ever willingly bringing that run to a close. Talking and writing about games is too much fun!
jerec jerec - September 27, 2017 (03:15 AM)
I remember Bored Gamer. I had no idea you and he were the same person.

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