Game Progress 6/15
June 15, 2017

Pokemon Go (Android)
The anniversary event kicked in, and fire and ice Pokemon are extremely common now. Because of this, I was able to evolve Quilava into Typhlosion and Houndour into Houndoom. Plus, the recent next migration put tons of Totodiles in a park close to my house. I encountered five of them, but only caught three. Just a few more and I'll have Feraligatr.

Aphelion: Graves of Earth (360)
I powered through this tedious RPG in a couple of nights. There's a New Game+ feature, but why bother? Review forthcoming.

Aphelion Episode Two: Wings of Omega (360)
Despite the previous title's boring campaign, I decided to start this one. First little bit of disappointment: you can't import your data from the previous game. Seriously, why make an episodic RPG if the characters are just going to revert back to level one at the start of each episode? Then again, I'm sure at this point that there will be no third episode, since there hasn't been any activity since 20-what? 10? 09? I think I remember reading that the second one wraps the story up anyway, and the only other game they had in mind was a complete saga. However, that game's been in TBA status on GameFAQs since the beginning of the decade. I'm sure it's dead now.

Alone in the Dark (360)
I finally got around to the game that has taunted me from near the top of my backlog for eons. Now that I've started it, I can do nothing but gripe:

  • I'm glad the game transitioned out of first-person mode. I think I would have gone mad if I had to manually blink for an entire campaign. Yes, the game requires you to blink, as in close and open your eyes, every few seconds to clear your blurred vision. I think they only used this for the first few minutes, but it was still annoying for that short amount of time.
  • The game has no subtitle option, which sucks because I can't have my TV up too loudly or else I'll wake my young ones. So I'm either going to have to sit very close to the television or look for a script online. I'm sure as hell not playing this game while they're awake.
  • The tutorial section is clumsy. The game guides your every movement, yelling commands at you as if it's an irate director and you're a horrible actor.

I haven't progressed much. I just jumped through an elevator early on. I worry about how the rest of this title will turn out. If I'm only a few minutes in and finding plenty of gripe material, then what does the rest of this venture have in store?

Recent Viewings:

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice [Ultimate Edition] (2016)
I avoided watching the theatrical release because I heard there was supposed to be a substantially extended edition coming. Despite a fair amount of prattle, I enjoyed this one. The setup built in just the right way, the fights were fun and the conclusion was well done. It's a fairly dark movie with a lack of humor, but so what? It's a breath of fresh air from all the groan-worthy jokes Marvel showcases.

Children of Men (2006)
In the year 2027, women have stopped having babies and the world is becoming one big political shitshow. Meanwhile, Clive Owen plays a former activist who must escort a woman to a fabled boat called Tomorrow that supposedly houses a non-politically funded effort to restore humanity's fertility. As it turns out, the girl he's escorting is pregnant, and perhaps humanity's last hope.

I was glued to the screen. Owen and his entourage run afoul of all manner of rotten luck and desperate situations, and you end up wanting badly for him to get the girl to the boat. At a few points, you doubt that it'll happen and you simply stare at the screen, shouting for people to take action or hoping for some good luck for a change. It was better than I anticipated.

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