Game Progress 3/4
March 04, 2017

Pokemon Go (Android)
The game continues to be a "shooting fish in a barrel" kind of affair. I can't remember everything I've caught or hatched, as I've added a lot to my Pokedex in the last couple of weeks, but the highlights are: Croconaw, Pineco, Tangela, Mareep, Togepi, Skarmory, Quilava and Qwilfish.

I also recently read that the trading system won't be out until later this year. The article stated that it will only allow people next to each other to trade. I expected as much, but I had hoped there would be some way the trading system would allow players to gather the regional exclusives as well. One person on Facebook mentioned that global trading might be a future feature, and I do hope it will be. I would like to try catching at least all of Gen 1, and I don't feel like booking plane tickets to Asia, Australia and Europe just for Pokemon I might not even find. Also, I want a Farfetch'd badly.

Alone in the Dark: The New Nightmare (PlayStation)
Completed Aline's campaign, and thus finished the game. Never again. Never again. In other news, I plan to play through the Game Boy Color version to see how it compares. One thing that intrigues me about it is that it segues into isometric shooter segments rather than playing as a survival-horror game.

The Tape (PC)
Restarted and finished this short title. It's really nothing special. It tries to be a found-footage game, but there's no way its campaign could've been video taped. For instance, there's a scene where the protagonist hallucinates, and this is somehow caught on camera. However, it's presented in a video taped format so... *head explodes*

Vaccine (PC)
Played this for an upcoming review. I got very far into it, though it's pretty much the same thing on repeat. Its presentation is not unlike old school Resident Evil, but it plays like a dungeon crawler with a procedurally generated mansion. Your objective is to locate a therapeutic vaccine for your partner, who has been infected with a zombie virus. The vaccine is somewhere in the house, lying in a hidden laboratory and guarded by a monstrous boss that you can easily defeat by stabbing him through the door.

Nights with Horror Cubes (Android)
I found this horror-themed Candy Crush clone on Play Store. It's okay. On one hand, it's completely free. There are no IAPs, though there are a lot of advertisements. The game is still structured to screw you over as a means to coax you into watching ad videos for extra moves. The only trouble is the videos either sometimes don't work or function properly but give you no extra moves. Currently, I'm about level 54 out of 99. The top of the map says there's more to come, but I wonder if that's the case. It's still a fairly new game, so I don't think the devs have abandoned it yet, but it's incredibly obscure, which suggests that it isn't popular. Finding any info on it online was like pulling teeth.

Legendary (Android)
Imagine if Magic: The Gathering and Puzzle & Dragons had a child. That's pretty much this game. Its puzzle system is a little easier to operate than P&D, and its visuals are far less cartoony. I like the game so far, but I can see it getting old. I'm going to hold on for a while, but I have a feeling it isn't going to wow me much.

Teslagrad (PS4)
Defeated the second boss and obtained a cloak that allows me to utilize the various colored magnetic waves. I explored a little bit more, but I think I may be stumped on where to go next.

Risen 3: Titan Lords (PC)
Resumed my playthrough. I'm still completing some of the side quests on the island Kila, including a few quests for the natives. I even played through a cringey one called "Forbidden Fruit," that had to do with one of the pirates courting a native.

I'm still of two minds about the combat system. I'm glad it isn't as simple as Risen 2's system, which pretty much allowed you to steamroll the competition. However, I abhor the protagonist's combo attacks and their needless flashiness. His maneuvers constantly leave him susceptible to reprisals, and it makes no sense for him to be such a showboat. I had hoped that his combos would improve as I boost his sword fighting talents. This is how other Risen and Gothic games operated. Sadly, after recently boosting his sword skill, he still fights like he doesn't understand basic combat.

Recent viewings:

The Spy Who Loved Me (1977)
I've read that this was supposed to be Bond's return to form, and it most certainly is. The movie was very entertaining and had some cheesy-but-awesome moments, like Bond falling off a cliff to get away from Russian assassins and releasing a parachute with the UK flag on it. The villain's base is also awesome. Like, I want a base like that.

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honestgamer honestgamer - March 08, 2017 (01:14 PM)
I hate "free" games that are constantly forcing me to view ads. I would rather just spend the $2 or whatever. Assuming I love the game. If I am lukewarm or dislike it, an uninstall is more likely.
JoeTheDestroyer JoeTheDestroyer - March 08, 2017 (01:18 PM)
It's really not a good game, either. It's a little glitchy on top of forcing you to view ads (most of which are for Game of War or Mobile Strike, two games I have absolutely no desire to play).

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