Game Progress 2/6
February 06, 2017

There isn't a whole lot to add, other than having finished a couple of games recently. I also have three rough drafts for reviews written:

Metagal (PC)
Pocket Mortys (Android)
Tempo (32X)

Pocket Mortys (Android)
Finished the campaign, but I doubt I'll be playing any further than that. I will keep it on my phone for a bit, but I will not re-download it after I change phones (whenever that is...). It fulfilled my Pokemon-but-not-Pokemon craving.

Rick and Morty Presents: Jerry's Game (Android)
Downloaded and played this novelty title. You pop balloons that slowly ascend your phone screen. That's it. This is supposed to be a joke, obviously, but one I can't exactly explain to non-fans without going into great, hilarity-robbing detail. However, as this is a gag game, I didn't play it for very long and soon removed it from my phone.

Tempo (32X)
Beaten. The last half of the campaign really stunk. You learn just how faulty this title is when you fight the clown boss.

Alpha Protocol (PC)
Blasted through a few of the Moscow missions. I almost gave up because I thought the game glitched during a mission at a train station. I entered a yard and the objective marker moved to another part of the level that was blocked off. It turned out I was supposed to enter a certain car and discover something and ignore the marker.

I also took part in possibly the worst mission for a stealth-based character. You have to enter the American embassy during a raid in Moscow and make sure a certain character is unharmed. Since your enemies are already on alert because they're storming the place, you can't stealth kill your way through this one. Thankfully, I keep an assault rifle on me for situations like this, but I'm mostly built for sneaking and choking suckas out. Guns blazing combat is actually quite tough for my guy.

The mission culminated in a terrible segment where I had to protect the character while soldiers descended upon him. The guy was armed and didn't know when to run for cover. Enemies would throw grenades and he would just take the blast without considering his position. One soldier always shot him point blank, and the dude sat there accepting the bullets and occasionally shooting back, but mostly dying. I can't count the number of times I had to restart that segment because the guy lacked any sense of self-preservation.

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