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February 05, 2017

Pokemon Go (Android)
My walking and constantly returning to Emerson Park paid off. I now have an Omanyte and a Kabutops. Sadly, this means I'm unlikely to catch anything else until Niantic rolls out new Pokemon, unless I'm lucky enough for a super rare nest to appear in the Spokane area. I'm down to only playing once in a great while, in the hopes of hatching an egg that might contain one of the Pokemon I need. It's really the only shot I have now. Sadly, all of the specimens I have left are fairly rare hatches: Togepi, Togetic (evolve from Togepi), Muk (evolve from Grimer, which rarely hatches from an egg), Porygon, Tangela, Aerodactyl and Hitmonchan.

Alpha Protocol (PC)
Completed the events in Taipei. I learned the hard way that sometimes contracting other people to help you isn't wise. I dropped a bunch of money on hired help during the final mission, not realizing that such assistance can hamper a stealth-based character like mine. Nonetheless, I defeated Omen Deng and spared him. It turned out to be a wise move. Next, I'll move on to Moscow.

Pocket Mortys (Android)
I only have one council member left to defeat, but I need eight more badges. Right now, I'm trying to upgrade my deck so I have Mortys that are at least level 50. I just need to swap out my paper-based Morty (which is Phantom Morty) for something better. Unfortunately, I haven't been finding many paper Mortys in dungeons.

Tempo (32X)
Restarted and regretting it. I defeated the first three bosses and moseyed on to Circus Performance. Nothing about this game is beyond average. Its visuals are colorful, but the nauseating backgrounds hamper its presentation. Its music is kind of catchy, but repetitive. I also detest the faulty hit detection with Tempo's unnecessary kick. I feel like the game should have stuck with using "jump on the enemy" as its main offense and ditched the kick and ranged attacks all together. They add nothing to the experience, and even mar it.

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