I shall now draw ten random horror movies from my watch list to check out next
September 06, 2016

Ages ago, I compiled a list of horror movies to watch because I had so many I wanted to check out that I was forgetting that some even existed. Unfortunately, when my computer crapped out, the original file became corrupted. Bear in mind that I had hundreds of movies on that list because I don't shy away from B-level productions or obscure horror fare.

Last night, I redid the list, minus only one somewhat obscure upcoming (it's probably out by now) movie, whose name I have forgotten. The title was a single word, it was a coming of age thriller and it was an artsy/visually stunning type of film. Anyway, to celebrate this achievement, which took hours of Googling, I've decided to draw ten random names to watch over the course of the next few weeks. In the case of a sequel or unreleased film, I shall redraw.

Number one is...
*drum roll*
Don't Look Now (1973)
Thought 1: Sweet! Can't go wrong with Donald Sutherland
Thought 2: Better watch it now, before the inevitable subpar remake comes out.
Watched this one.

Number two is...
*drum roll*
Begotten (1990)
Thought 1: Artsy, experimental horror. It better not suck.
Thought 2: You should probably stay sober for this one.

Number three is...
*drum roll*
Phase IV (1974)
Thought 1: That killer ant movie you've never been able to make it through? Why bother?
Thought 2: To be fair, you were a young'un when you tried to watch it. I'm sure you can make it through this time...

Number four is...
*drum roll*
Honeymoon (2014)
Thought 1: It's been getting a lot of positive press from horror websites.
Thought 2: I don't know. I'm skeptical of this one.
Watched this one.

Number five is...
*drum roll*
Death Bed: The Bed that Eats (1977)
Thought 1: Ugh... THIS movie...
Thought 2: I liked the premise better when it was used as an episode of Monsters.
Thought 3: Bed of the Dead looks more fun than this. You should watch that instead.

Number six is...
*drum roll*
Two Thousand Maniacs (1964)
Thought 1: The only Herschell Gordon Lewis movie to be considered a legit classic.
Thought 2: What about Blood Feast?
Thought 1: It depends on the tastes of the expert you're speaking to...
Watched this one.

Number seven is...
*drum roll*
Triangle (2009)
Thought 1: It's technically not a horror movie, according to some.
Thought 2: Who cares? Crack a brew, get some pizza and watch it!

Number eight is...
*drum roll*
Splatter University (1984)
Thought 1: ...because no short list of horror movies is complete without at least one '80s slasher.
Thought 2: No complaints.
Watched this one.

Number nine is...
*drum roll*
The Mad (2007)
Thought 1: ...or a zombie movie.
Thought 2: Still no complaints.

Number ten is...
*drum roll*
Contracted (2013)
Thought 1: At least this one will be easy to track down.
Thought 2: I think it's still on Netflix.
Watched this one.

Well, that's it. I'll report back on whether these flicks are garbage. I'm sure I'll like Don't Look Now, though.

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overdrive overdrive - September 09, 2016 (11:58 AM)
Two Thousand Maniaces is one I'd like to watch. I've heard good things about Phase IV as far as it being under-rated and pretty intelligent for its genre, but I just have trouble getting into those "animal/insect swarms o' death" films. Many of those I've never heard of before, which might be saying a lot since I do occasionally like to grab one of those 15-20 movie compilations you can find in stores that contain 1-2 name movies and a whole bunch of low-budget direct-to-video stuff ranging from entertaining to pure crap.

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