Game Progress 7/11
July 11, 2016

I've played a lot since my last progress blog, so I think it's better if I only mention more recent titles. I don't feel like recalling five months worth of gameplay.

Child of Light (PS4)
I've gotten further, having now hit a point where it absolutely schools me. I dreaded having to farm occuli, but it seems that's what I have to do now. I recently recruited an anthropomorphic mouse, whose name I have forgotten.

Thoughts thus far: It's a breath of fresh air in regards to turn-based RPGs. Its poetic dialogue is kind of silly, but it fits the game's more lighthearted approach. It's also fairly challenging, but you know how difficulty goes in RPGs. Given enough fighting and character crafting, anything can become easy.

Shin Megami Tense: Persona (PSP)
I beat the SEBEC storyline and restarted the game so I could complete the Snow Queen campaign. Holy unearthly ass-balls, is it difficult. The game had limited freedom before, and has even less now. It morphed into a dungeon crawler with four towers to ascend, each having a time limit that ticks down any time you're in first-person mode. On top of that, you can't exit a dungeon once you've entered, so you had better be leveled up enough to handle the enemies within. Also, dungeons have shops with new equipment. Since there's little time to farm yen, the game pretty much expects you to arrive with just enough money to purchase everything.

Thankfully, there's an optional dungeon you can exit and enter as often as you please. You can grind there to make sure you're strong enough. The only caveat is that you must complete the first dungeon to access it. If you get too far into the campaign, you hit a point where the only thing you can do is enter the first dungeon. If you failed to level up or nab new equipment when you still had access to the main town, then you're as screwed as I was. Thankfully, it's an easy dungeon with a weak boss...

Thoughts thus far: It's a huge skull crusher, but at least the premise to this story is more interesting than the SEBEC storyline's.

Portal 2 (PC)
Finished it, mostly in one sitting. It's such a great game that I'm almost ashamed to have waited so long to play through it.

Crysis (PC)
I thought this would prove to be another ho-hum shooter with sci-fi trappings. However, I've loved the hell out of it, despite its occasionally dumb enemies. Facing down a heavily fortified area, putting together a plan to invade and putting that scheme into effect is incredibly satisfying, as is the hilarity that ensues whenever you off a foe. I've see a few ragdolled corpses propped up by their own rifles, not to mention dead soldiers in comical poses (a couple of which were sitting up with their jaws slack, as if they received some shocking news while in bed). During another occasion, I shot a guy nearly point blank with a shotgun and he slammed into a nearby wall in a funny pose, Looney Tunes-style. He then slowly slid down off the wall, and I wished so much that he could have made that slumping sound effect.

Recently, the game's tone shifted when I entered an alien ship. I foresaw as much, because the campaign gives you plenty of warning early on that it's a humans vs. aliens kind of title.

Thoughts thus far: It's a terrific shooter, but one that could still use some polish. Stage designs are tremendous and fully fleshed out, not to mention visually awesome. Of course, I'm only able to deliver these opinions after hours struggling to get the game to work on Windows 10 64-bit. There are some compatibility issues between Crysis and W10.

Hungry Shark World (Android)
Yes, it's a free Android game. Yes, it's simple and addictive, plus it has IAPs. No, it's not overly reliant on IAPs, plus it sports a good number of sharks, multiple levels, lots of missions, and plenty of exploration. I'm currently using a megamouth, hoping to acquire a great hammerhead next. It's one of the few free mobile games I give my stamp of approval.

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