Gaming Progress: Risen 2 has sunk
November 29, 2015

Progress has happened. And it was glorious!

Risen 2: Dark Waters (PC)
While at Maracai Bay, I discovered a "major" plot twist. One interesting thing about this segment is that you can fight the area boss early if you uncover his true identity. I did so and took the more challenging route of battling him before the actual shebang, which was frustrating. I had to do a lot of kiting and picking off his cronies with my musket, but eventually I did take them and their leader out.

From there, the game begins to wind down. I discovered Garcia's treasure, did the Treasure Island DLC (which was a bit disappointing, although it was fun shooting one of the returning characters in the face), and made my way to the final boss. The first part of the boss battle was fairly neat, as it pit you against the Kraken. After that, it was on to a standard fight against Mara herself. It was pretty much like any other duel in the game except that she can summon companions and her HP is much higher than your typical punk. Nonetheless, I slew her and ended the campaign. Review forthcoming.

Risen 3: Titan Lords (PC)
I am a glutton for punishment, aren't I? Well, I enjoyed the first Risen, but thought the second felt a little too experimental. Either that or Piranha Bytes was trying to make the game more accessible, which led to a somewhat vapid experience. Thankfully the third one seems to be a return to form thus far, although I'm a bit worried about Patty's design.

Risen 3: Titan Lords (PC) image
I mean, she looks like she strayed off a Pippi Longstocking-themed porn.

Granted, Patty looks different in all three games, so I can understand Piranha Bytes honoring what's now become a tradition. In the first title, she looked pretty ridiculous, but at least she wasn't clad in some horrifically garish rags that smack of Raggedy Ann. The second game had her looking more like an extra from Pirates of the Caribbean, which was fine. My main complaint this time around is she just looks stupid. It's like they were trying to "anime" her up and failed.

The game, on the other hand, handles better than its predecessor. The combat system is slower than in the previous installment, but it seems to be set up so you can't just LMB your opponents to death like you could in the latter half of Risen 2. You really have to pick your shots this time, which I prefer to the clickclickclick nonsense. Plus, they brought back manual blocking instead of the automated junk the second game sported.

As far as storyline progress goes, I've gotten off the first island along with Bones and we've made our way to Tacarigua. I've made it to the Inquisition territory, but only after some grueling fights with shadow monsters.

Pid (PC)
My progress here isn't all that impressive. I managed to make it the first boss, but that's about it. I didn't defeat him, though I came close. I ended up running out of time and quitting the game. I'll pick it up later...

Machinarium (PC)
I restarted the game since losing my paltry progress from before, marathoned it over the last couple of days, and finished it about an hour ago. It's an okay point-and-click. I think my main complaint is that some of the mini-games felt like an unnecessary attempt to add variety to the game.

Vessel (PC)
I'm still in the factory, though now I've fixed about five or six of the jammed machines. I hope to have the other one cleared very soon.

I've been in one of those "play the hell out of everything" moods lately. I hope to put more time into Bloodborne, Valdis Story, and Star Ocean: The Second Story, not to mention start Culpa Innata, Vigil: Blood Bitterness, and Fallout: New Vegas soon.

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